A neglected blog

So I’ve not been regular on this blog. The last post is almost 11 months old, doesn’t speak too well about my blogging skills.

I am in the process of updating my website. In the meantime, I would request you to follow and support me on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OhPreciousImages). That is certainly more updated, and you can see some of my more recent work on that page.

I shall update this blog once the new website is done and ready to be shared!

Thank you for visiting this blog!

My best,

One Sassy afternoon..

Last week, Sassy Mama organized it’s first big marketplace at Sal Curioso in Central. They brought together some very interesting pop-up shops, all run by amazing “mamas” from around Hong Kong. From bracelets, trinkets and super-stylish fashion accessories , to beautiful arty trays, gorgeous dresses, gift hampers, and the most sinful cookies.. the Sassy Marketplace had it all, and more. Forgot to mention the lip-smackingly delicious ice-pops. I had a tough time deciding between “blueberry coconut mint” and “watermelon basil”! Annabel Karmel, the bestselling author of baby/toddler cookbooks was present at the event. Bookazine had a big collection of her books, amongst other books and activity sets for young kids.

All moms went back with a great collection of goody bags for themselves and their kids.

The girls at Sassy pulled off yet another one beautifully. Why am I not surprised?

p.s. if you happen to see Ain’t your mama’s with their gluten-free  goodies and bakes anywhere, make sure you try their cookies. You will never know that these are gluten free. And definitely one of the best cookies I’ve had. Tell them about my recommendation! (Never know, it might get me a discount next time!!)

Kate and Richard – My first real wedding photoshoot.

Weddings have this way of making me feel all mushy inside. Within moments I get transported to the time when I first became Mrs. Verma. However, this time around, there was nervousness aplenty, and not much time to get nostalgic. This was my first real wedding photo shoot. I have clicked pictures of friends or cousins at their weddings, but this was certainly a job of more responsibility! I wasn’t just another person who liked carrying her camera to the wedding, I was the only person there with a camera. Jeepers!!

Once, the pre-wedding jitters (!) were set aside, it was the simplicity of the evening that totally struck me. A small gathering, plenty of warmth. Kate and Richard, made such a handsome couple. As I was going through these pics, I just had to share some of them with you immediately.

Here’s a glimpse.

p.s. Kate / Richard, thank you for trusting me with pictures of your big day. I sure hope not to disappoint you.

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hk

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, Oh precious Images

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hkHong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hk


Hong kong family photographer,  Sakshi Verma, wedding, portraits, kids, families, Oh Precious, Sakshi Verma



Sherry and her beautiful family

A note from a reader finally pushed me to write again. I had started to think that after this long hiatus, there wouldn’t be anyone looking at this blog anymore. Why would they? The frequency of posts has been shameful, to say the least.

Anyways, I’ve now promised myself that I shall not make any false promises to myself or to people who visit this blog.

So, towards the end of March, I finally make the first post of 2013.

Well, I shall try to redeem myself by introducing this beautiful family. Sherry, her husband, & their very pretty daughters. I loved the way they coordinated their outfits so well. I suspect Sherry picked the girls outfits from her ultra-comfy collection on itsybb.com.

This was an action packed shoot, with sometime on the grass, some on a tree, and even some mid-air! In between shots,their under-3 yr old, talked to me about her cranium, humerus, femur, fibula and more!!

There were so many “keeper shots” from this session, that I honestly had a tough time shortlisting for this blog post. Which is why I now have this one simple but adorable family shot here.  Doesn’t it make you want to smile back at them?

< Know Sherry personally? Perhaps you could ask her to share with you some more images from the day. >




A small thank you note.

I always feel grateful when someone chooses me as their photographer. I do have confidence in the art, but it does mean a lot when people trust me with preserving some important moments for them. People to whom I am a complete stranger.

I have met a lot of wonderful people while slowly trudging the path of photography. This short note is to thank all those who have actually taken the effort of sending their family/kids pics to me much after the photo session. They bothered to share with me how their family has grown, and how the kids are now even more beautiful than they were before. Or if I bump into them in the street, they quickly show me some updates on their phones. Some, even after having moved out of Hong Kong! Please do send me more. Can’t have enough of them!

Thank you to you and you and you. For keeping me in your thoughts. I’d like you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts too.

My best,


Jake – at 4 weeks

In an attempt to make up for all those post-less months, here are some pics from a recent shoot of a four week old baby with his beautiful mom.

A recent article which I also shared on my facebook page made me think about how a lot of us moms are never a part of the picture with our darlings. Much as you would like to just have your baby photographed, there is a very high probability of him/her looking for pictures of this time with you.  So, this blog post, I would like to share pictures of Jake with his beautiful mom. Between him and his mom, I wasn’t too sure who loved the other more.

To me, these emotions are what really make a photograph. What do you think of them?

Introducing Arivaan

Almost 6 months since my last post.. pretty much half an year went by. No excuses really. Well, does the fact that I was blessed with my second miracle 3 months back, count? Not sure. Some of you even decided to postpone your sessions to allow me to capture your pictures at a later time. Can’t thank you enough for your faith in me.

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions. Mostly ranging from happy to very happy! After over 5 yrs since I held my first little bundle, it was a very different feeling. All 3 of us were in love with the little one, even before he arrived. But to hold him, well, it was the same as what every new mom goes through…just as unique… just as overwhelming!

As a photographer, I have visited the hospital to capture quite a few newborns. I had been planning all these lovely pictures that I would click when my baby would arrive, not realising what an overwhelming experience a new baby can be. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve done real justice to my baby.

Here are some shots of my little miracle, Arivaan. Some pics of him with his doting older brother are soon to come. Forgive me if you don’t find these pics special. I love them. Can’t help being a biased mom!


Arthur at 16 months

I keep promising myself that I will be more regular on my blog, and it just hasn’t happened that way. There’s a backlog of way too many fun days that I should have blogged about. Quite often, I’d actually write inside my head, and would just not get around actually doing it. Hoping to improve on my track record!

When my son Nirvaan was born over 5 years back, my parents declared that their love for him would certainly surpass the attention I had ever received! It’s quite incredible how grandparents can’t take their eyes of the grandchildren. I, as a mom, may lose my temper on my kid sometimes(more than sometimes, actually).. But the grandparents, NEVER!

So, coming to this particular shoot. Little A’s parents wanted some pics of their family, especially with his grandmother who was soon flying back home. Quite naturally, he was the centre of attention during most of the shoot. It was beautiful to see how he had his grandma ( and his parents, of course!) wrapped around his little finger.

Hong Kong kids and family photographer, sakshi Verma
Hong Kong Kids and family photographer, Sakshi Verma

Hong Kong kids and family photographer, Sakshi Verma, Oh Precious Images

Oh Precious featured in DONUT

We were featured in the very popular DONUT magazine’s March issue. It was an honour being featured amongst the most popular/influential photographers of Hong Kong. In their own words, they liked our natural style of photography. Well, we love the look of their magazine. It’s stylish, colourful, high quality, and looks very different from many other magazines I’ve seen in HK.

Here’s a link to the online edition of the magazine.

Here’s the original interview in English, in case you are like me (guilty of not understanding Cantonese!).
Q1: Could you briefly introduce Oh Precious Photography to our readers?

Oh precious images specializes in  natural, candid and relaxed portraits. Our subjects range from maternity portraits, newborns, to babies, and families. I strive to make each session a good family memory, and create custom artworks for your homes. These are also very special heirlooms for your families.

 Q2: How would you describe the style of Oh Precious Photography comparing with other photographers in market?

Each photographer has his own unique style, and I haven’t tried to ever compare myself with the others. I am a lifestyle photographer, and like to capture images which are in the moment. I watch for the expressions in a child’s eye, and like to give parents pictures which truly describe their kids.

Q3: Why would you firstly start newborn/babies/kids photography at the beginning?

Of all of God’s creations, the beauty in children has always amazed me the most. They are so honest with their emotions. Capturing the innocence and beauty of a child is a precious memory for the family. I wouldn’t possibly think of more attractive subjects for my photography venture.

 Q4: What are the difficulties to shoot with newborn/babies/kids?

With newborns and babies, it is difficult to predict a schedule, and I need to keep quite a long timeslot for their sessions. This could mean a three hour session to fit in feeds, nappy changes, and even a nap.
Some young kids tend to be more camera-aware and might like to “pose” or flash fake smiles. My efforts are basically to ensure that they start ignoring the camera, and reveal their true smiles.

Q5: Any memorable/funny experience with newborn/babies/kids that could share with our readers?

A toddler who was chasing pigeons at a park, accidentally ran into a water sprinkler. While her mom and I laughed at her startled expressions, it also gave me another new emotion to capture.

Q6: Could you pick one “Best Favorite Photo” in your previous shootings? Why?

I do have many favorite shots instead of a single photograph. Right after a session with an energetic 5 yr old, he ran into the fountains at hk park. While he enjoyed the cool shower, luckily I was still around to pull out my camera and click some shots that are very special to me(and hopefully his parents as well!)