Kate and Richard – My first real wedding photoshoot.

Weddings have this way of making me feel all mushy inside. Within moments I get transported to the time when I first became Mrs. Verma. However, this time around, there was nervousness aplenty, and not much time to get nostalgic. This was my first real wedding photo shoot. I have clicked pictures of friends or cousins at their weddings, but this was certainly a job of more responsibility! I wasn’t just another person who liked carrying her camera to the wedding, I was the only person there with a camera. Jeepers!!

Once, the pre-wedding jitters (!) were set aside, it was the simplicity of the evening that totally struck me. A small gathering, plenty of warmth. Kate and Richard, made such a handsome couple. As I was going through these pics, I just had to share some of them with you immediately.

Here’s a glimpse.

p.s. Kate / Richard, thank you for trusting me with pictures of your big day. I sure hope not to disappoint you.

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hk

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, Oh precious Images

Hong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hkHong kong family photographer, Sakshi Verma, wedding photography hk


Hong kong family photographer,  Sakshi Verma, wedding, portraits, kids, families, Oh Precious, Sakshi Verma



Oh Precious featured in DONUT

We were featured in the very popular DONUT magazine’s March issue. It was an honour being featured amongst the most popular/influential photographers of Hong Kong. In their own words, they liked our natural style of photography. Well, we love the look of their magazine. It’s stylish, colourful, high quality, and looks very different from many other magazines I’ve seen in HK.

Here’s a link to the online edition of the magazine.

Here’s the original interview in English, in case you are like me (guilty of not understanding Cantonese!).
Q1: Could you briefly introduce Oh Precious Photography to our readers?

Oh precious images specializes in  natural, candid and relaxed portraits. Our subjects range from maternity portraits, newborns, to babies, and families. I strive to make each session a good family memory, and create custom artworks for your homes. These are also very special heirlooms for your families.

 Q2: How would you describe the style of Oh Precious Photography comparing with other photographers in market?

Each photographer has his own unique style, and I haven’t tried to ever compare myself with the others. I am a lifestyle photographer, and like to capture images which are in the moment. I watch for the expressions in a child’s eye, and like to give parents pictures which truly describe their kids.

Q3: Why would you firstly start newborn/babies/kids photography at the beginning?

Of all of God’s creations, the beauty in children has always amazed me the most. They are so honest with their emotions. Capturing the innocence and beauty of a child is a precious memory for the family. I wouldn’t possibly think of more attractive subjects for my photography venture.

 Q4: What are the difficulties to shoot with newborn/babies/kids?

With newborns and babies, it is difficult to predict a schedule, and I need to keep quite a long timeslot for their sessions. This could mean a three hour session to fit in feeds, nappy changes, and even a nap.
Some young kids tend to be more camera-aware and might like to “pose” or flash fake smiles. My efforts are basically to ensure that they start ignoring the camera, and reveal their true smiles.

Q5: Any memorable/funny experience with newborn/babies/kids that could share with our readers?

A toddler who was chasing pigeons at a park, accidentally ran into a water sprinkler. While her mom and I laughed at her startled expressions, it also gave me another new emotion to capture.

Q6: Could you pick one “Best Favorite Photo” in your previous shootings? Why?

I do have many favorite shots instead of a single photograph. Right after a session with an energetic 5 yr old, he ran into the fountains at hk park. While he enjoyed the cool shower, luckily I was still around to pull out my camera and click some shots that are very special to me(and hopefully his parents as well!)

Prayaas – Charity day at IRC

Prayaas is a non-profit start-up initiated by a group of Indian expats in Hong Kong.
On the 2nd of October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, Prayaas organised its first public fundraising event. Despite the rain Gods not showing too much mercy, the day saw plenty of participation in both outdoor and indoor activities. Cricket was certainly the highlight of the day, but the event really had something for everyone.
When I was not behind my lens, I picked up some gorgeous earrings by Shikha Lamba(Forgive me, I’m only a woman!), savoured some delicious bakes by Japneet/Party Mate, and even won the most beautiful prizes in a round of Bingo. Beautiful especially coz these were handmade at one of the centers that Prayaas supports.
The fact that we were all there for a good cause, brought a lot of meaning to my day. I think I smiled a lot more, and saw quite a few faces with a similar joy writ on them.
To see more pictures from the day, visit the album on Facebook.
If you’d like to contribute, or want to know more about the group, visit www.ekPrayaas.net or drop an email to info@ekPrayaas.net.