how to make a jewelry holder easy

5 tips on how to make an easy jewelry holder for the wall

As fun as jewelry is to collect and wear, it can be hard to know how to store it. If you’re not careful, your collection can quickly become messy. Let’s discover how to create your jewelry wall storage together to avoid this unpleasantness.

How to make a jewelry holder for the wall

There isn’t a woman who doesn’t love jewelry. It is good to have an extensive jewelry collection, but it is better to know where your favorite pair of earrings or necklaces are. If you keep your jewelry in your drawers, you’ll tangle it up and lose it more easily. Put an end to your ordeal every time you look for a piece of jewelry.

For whom the making of the wall jewelry holder is intended?

These DIY jewelry holders are primarily for women, but men can also surprise their girlfriends by making an excellent organizer for their jewelry. Do something with your free time with a fun DIY. They won’t take much time and will cost you almost nothing.

This way, you’ll have the advantage of knowing where your favorite jewel is every time, and you’ll have beautiful decorations on your walls. Perfect for saving time and your patience every time you need jewelry. All you need is a little effort and imagination. You can easily make your wall-mounted jewelry holder store your jewelry in style.

The best choice for storing your jewelry is our jewelry holder collection:

jewelry holder for wall collection

Decorating And Storage Ideas: Top 5 DIY jewelry holders

The first question is whether you want your jewelry to be hidden or exposed. Hidden or out in the open, there are many different options for making a jewelry holder in terms of appearance, functionality, and difficulty level. So there’s no excuse not to do it yourself and get your jewelry in shape!

Great jewelry collectors know how important it is to have a place to organize your collection. If you have a lot of bracelets or necklaces, these five tips will be of great help—original ideas to present your jewelry collection.

1. How to make a driftwood jewelry holder

A driftwood jewelry holder is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to store your jewelry. Gather some wooden branches from a river or lake. Then hang it on the wall with a rope. You can then easily screw small hooks to hang your pairs of earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

driftwood jewelry holder

2. How do you make a jewelry frame holder?

To make this homemade jewelry holder, take a picture frame and a small piece of wire mesh. Attach the wire mesh to the frame with glue and fix the holder to the wall. This jewelry frame is efficient for hanging your earrings. If you want to do like in the pictures, you can also put hooks for storing your long jewels like necklaces.

frame Jewelry holder

3. Ladder jewelry holder

A little-known way to store your jewelry, but at least it is very original. If you have a ladder on hand and want to convert it into jewelry storage, it will add a nice decorative touch to your room. You can leave it as is or add a canvas or wire mesh between the bars for extra storage capacity.

ladder jewelry holder

4. DIY hanger jewelry holder

The jewelry holder with a hanger is well-known but still practical and accessible. Everyone has hangers at home. If you don’t already have suitable storage for your long jewelry, you can convert them to hang your necklaces and pendants. Find hooks to screw to the bottom, and you’re done.

hanger jewelry holder

5. Bird cage jewelry holder

The birdcage is an unusual jewelry holder, but its metal frame is very effective for hanging all kinds of jewelry. If you have a new cage on hand, you can use it to organize your jewelry collection easily. You can also paint it in the color of your choice to add a decorative style while storing your jewelry.

Birdcage jewelry holder


As you’ve seen, building a jewelry holder isn’t something difficult in itself. You can make beautiful and easy jewelry organizers with a few storage ideas and a few things to salvage.

A wall-mounted jewelry holder will save you time and decorate your room. Hanging your jewelry will prevent it from getting tangled, and you will find it faster than in a simple drawer. People have more and more pearl bracelets, precious necklaces, or silver earrings. But they don’t always plan how to organize them.

So if you want to combine decoration and storage, choose a do-it-yourself jewelry holder that suits your jewelry collection. If the ones in this article don’t satisfy you, stop by the internet. There are plenty of original ideas for making original DIY jewelry holders that women share. Now you have no excuse not to store your little treasures beautifully with a jewelry rack.

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storage of exceptional jewelry

Not all women like to tinker. Some prefer unique jewelry holders to put on a dresser. For example, jewelry holders made of metal, sometimes storage designed exclusively for earrings. The choice is vast according to the needs of each. If you value your jewelry, you will find the perfect warehouse to showcase them in your room.

We offer jewelry holders for all types of jewels in your collection. Earring holders, necklace holders, bracelet holders, and ring holders. A wide selection with affordable prices to display your favorite jewelry. Organizing your jewels well will allow you to keep them longer and in good condition without losing them.

Our know-how is used to preserve your jewelry for years and add originality and elegance to your decoration as in a jewelry store. Storing your jewelry correctly will simplify your life, whether in a jewelry box or on a jewelry rack. 

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