what fashion jewelry buy

what fashion jewelry to buy for a woman

Offering costume jewelry to a woman is always a good initiative! All occasions are good, and Christmas is one of them. So here is a selection of cheap models that will give you gift ideas.

Tree of life fashion jewelry

tree of life fashion jewelery

The tree of life is rich in meaning. Without going into the religious connotations, it is above all the symbol of life, but also of eternity. Its roots feed off the earth to generate the energy that allows branches to grow and leaves to blossom.

This is the symbolism of the tree of life that you convey to the woman you love by offering her a pendant with its chain. The jewel you see is made of silver. A tree of life whose leaves, or fruits, are symbolized by white crystals is also positioned in a circle with more delicate crystals.

Cat jewelry

cat fashion jewelery

The cat is an animal that attracts us enormously. Even if it is often a little disdainful and solitary, it knows how to make us melt with a rub on our legs or a little nip of the nose when we are lying down. It is, therefore, natural that jewelry designers have been quick to create cat jewelry in their image.

We sometimes represent them in certain positions, suggesting that they are all more beautiful than the others and allow us to keep our felines permanently close to us. The jewel in the picture is a magnificent piece 100% in 925 silver. It represents a young cat stretching, probably after a nap. Or about to lie down for a few hours.

The buttocks in the air amuse us! To balance the jewel, the designer added two gold-plated paw prints placed on what looks like a rope. This model is the one that pleases a lot at the moment by its quality of finishing and its original representation, which make it a masterpiece for cat jewelry collectors!

Marine jewelry

marine fashion jewelery

The theme of the sea evokes so many things, different for each person. But it is often synonymous with holidays for those not lucky enough to live near the coast. And who says sea, holidays, also says sun!

Wearing marine jewelry is, therefore, not insignificant, especially when it is elegant and well finished. This is the case for these earrings of a magnificent turquoise green on which rests a silver starfish. The frame is silver, and here we are with sober and elegant studs with a touch of fantasy.

We can also recall good memories of the sea with a marine anchor jewel. This one is feminine and refined with its clear crystal set in silver. It is a lovely pendant (with its chain) that we can wear daily.

Heart Jewelry

heart fashion jewelery

Heart jewelry is a must-have, whether in a relationship or not. If in the past we expected men to offer them to us, it is no longer the case today; even if we love them, we have to admit that they attach them to us around the neck, ears, wrist, or even better on the finger!

Among the necklaces with a pendant heart hanging, the choice is vast. This beautiful pendant, for example, represents a heart set with fine white crystals inside, which is a pretty blue stone resembling a sapphire cut like a heart.

Classy and distinguished, this fancy jewel is worthy of unconditional love for the one who wears it! We can also mention this heart pendant which has the particularity of being set on the part of black crystals, which contrast elegantly with the color of the silver. And to finish with originality, the jewel, a rose, is delicately connected to the heart. It is a charming and affordable fantasy you can afford to wear even when no suitors are on the horizon.

These ideas of cheap fashion jewelry to offer are successful pieces for the female gender. If you are attracted to fine jewelry and have the budget to do so, turn to Cartier, for example. Your woman will accept a beautiful panther necklace in 18-carat pink gold!

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