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Where to buy old jewelry

Are you an admirer of antique jewelry and dream of giving yourself one for a special occasion? Timeless and unique, antique jewelry is a valuable piece of history.

Far from being inaccessible, you must approach the antique jewelry market cautiously to choose the precious ornament that will correctly accompany you daily.

Indeed, to be sure to invest in a quality jewel, it is strongly recommended to call upon an experienced professional who will be able to advise you at best! We advise you to contact one of the professionals presented below!

Which Jewellery Professional To Buy Precious Antique Jewellery From?

Antique jewelry refers to ornaments that are more than 50 years old. It is about jewels of the 20th and 19th centuries which knew to cross the decades with brilliance and mark the most beautiful moments of the life of their owners.

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Many types of jewelry are concerned with this denomination, from the essential ring to the classic necklace, without forgetting the original brooch. But when you don’t know much about jewelry, getting in touch with a jewelry expert is crucial to make the right choice when buying!

At the jeweler’s

The jeweler is often the first professional you think to turn to. This jewelry specialist offers a range of second-hand jewelry for sale locally.

However, it is essential to turn to a jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry, which is far from always the case.

Indeed, most jewelers propose their creations or jewels of contemporary brands. It is, therefore, necessary to find out about your contact beforehand.

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In practice, this professional offers different types of jewelry, with prices more or less expensive depending on the rarity and quality of the work.

He can also carry out settings with size for the rings, which are often necessary for the purchase in the used jewel which was not carried out, especially for you, or engravings to personalize your ornament.

In Auctions

Very often, the purchase of antique jewelry is made through auctions. In the auction rooms, you will find the widest choice of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and brooches. The piece of jewelry’s price is determined in the auction rooms, and thus, a world-renowned price is set.

Indeed, according to demand, they act as an accurate barometer of antique jewelry prices.

For example, the most famous jewelry at auction today are Art Deco pieces, thanks to their timeless geometric design and the quality of their diamond settings.

From Specialized Online Shops

The specialized online shop is the latest and most innovative option available to vintage jewelry lovers. Indeed, in the last few years, some e-commerce stores have created and presented an excellent selection of vintage pieces to their customers.

This is the case of Agathe Montenon’s boutique, an auctioneer and expert in gemology in Lyon, who selects rare and unique pieces for a privileged clientele according to her personal preferences.

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The advantage? You can take advantage of her advice and place a tailor-made order so that she can find the nugget of your heart!

Do you want to contact a Jewellery Professional to invest in Antique Jewelry?

Investing in an antique piece of jewelry is not only a considered purchase but also an investment in pleasure and, most importantly, a love affair!

Indeed, wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry on one’s finger gives great satisfaction. But it is even more tempting when you know that this precious ornament does not devalue, and quite the opposite. This pleasure is increased tenfold when the jewel reveals a history, a real past that makes it even more unique.

So, don’t hesitate to indulge yourself by exploring antique jewelry collections available to you on an increasingly accessible market. This rare and unique piece that has crossed the ages will bring brilliance to its second life!

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