How to pack jewelry for travel

How to pack jewelry for travel?

For jewelry lovers, it is impossible to leave without their little marvels. So even when traveling, jewelry lovers never part with their precious jewels.

But often, you find yourself with necklaces that get tangled or earrings that get lost. This situation arises especially when you are not adequately prepared to travel with your jewelry.

It is highly recommended to have a particular organizer to store them. So, you need to think of suitable storage for the fashion accessories you are carrying. This article will give you our best tips so that you can travel without fear of damaging or tangling the jewelry you love by protecting them perfectly.

Carrying Your Jewelry While Traveling

carrying your jewelry on a trip

During a trip, those who only use their suitcase to carry jewelry are often faced with inconveniences. It is the same case for those who use the same drawers to store jewelry, cosmetics, or underwear. Indeed, it is not practical to keep jewelry with clothes or makeup accessories, for example. These are fragile items that are easily damaged.

If necklaces are placed with other objects, they quickly become tangled and can break. In the case of rings, bracelets, and earrings, it is common to lose them if they have not been preserved in a special box. And if you have a vanity case for your beauty products, you must also have a compartment reserved for your jewelry. This is essential because it will allow you to carefully preserve your valuables, especially those of the charm type.

Jewelry boxes are a must, whether at home or on the go. On your dressing table, for example, you have a neat display to hang your necklaces. And when you are on the move, you should do this with all your jewelry to show them off and preserve their image. This allows you to travel in style while ensuring your valuables are protected.

Where To Find Travel Jewelry Boxes?

where to find a travel jewelry box

Using jewelry storage tools is not just a whim. It primarily provides more security for these pieces, whether wooden jewelry, fashion jewelry, metal jewelry, or an entire jewelry collection.

A jewelry box, even if it is just a case, also allows you to travel with peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about their condition, no matter how long the journey is. Moreover, they’ll be protected from dust, moisture, and other attacks during travel.

Indeed, holidays can sometimes be the first source of damage to the jewelry. They are often neglected during this type of travel. This is why they must have their storage.

If you carry a large amount of jewelry, you can easily find a jewelry cabinet with a compartment suitable for each type of item. So, it can be simple storage, but it can also be an organizer to classify your jewelry according to its kind.

To do this, you can select a jewelry holder. This is a brand that specializes in jewelry storage accessories. So, before you pack your bags, using this kind of high-end box is more beneficial. It is capable of adapting to any situation. Therefore, it will not have any complications in fulfilling the conditions required to protect your jewelry.

Jewelry Case and Pouch

travel jewelry pouch

Opting for a jewelry case or pouch is entirely possible for those who plan to travel with only a few pieces. It’s much more practical and more secure to do so.

This is especially true for those who travel light and those who leave for only a few days. Some travel for a special event. So, inevitably, the presence of jewelry is imperative.

In any case, you don’t always have to carry all your jewelry on your trip. But to protect the selection you’ve brought along, it’s best to use a pouch or case that is both decorative and practical.

Moreover, this jewelry box does not require much space in your suitcase. You can even put it in your handbag without problems since it is light and aesthetic. But at this point, it is up to you to ensure its safety.

travel jewelry storage case

The advantage of the kit or jewelry pouch is that it is easy to acquire. It is even possible to create it yourself. In addition, it is specially made for people who only carry their favorite jewelry. You can even place the jewelry pouch in a shoulder bag if you’re comfortable with it. It also remains very discreet. You can use it as a simple makeup bag. There will be no danger of running with this type of accessory.

The most important thing here is to protect your jewelry so that it can be returned to its normal state when you put it on. So when it comes to security, that’s your responsibility. But if you don’t want to draw attention to your jewelry box, the pouch is the most effective solution.

The Travel Jewelry Box

travel jewelry case

A jewelry box is also handy for transporting decorative accessories when traveling. This storage unit is usually equipped with compartments allowing each piece of jewelry to have its place. This way, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc., will not get mixed up. It is possible to find models on the market that you can adapt to your needs.

Moreover, for you who wish to travel with your favorite ring, you can ideally use the case that was offered to you when you bought it. Indeed, the advantage of the cases is that they are delivered directly with the jewels. They are therefore adapted to the size and shape of each piece. Consequently, you will have no trouble carrying your jewelry, whatever the event you attend.

travel jewel case

The other advantage of this little storage unit is that it is always within reach. You can even place it in your pocket or purse if you wish. This way, you will always have an eye on your jewel in any circumstance.

That’s why you should never let a ring or watch case go astray; you can use it anytime. Moreover, it does not require too much space. This means you can look after it gently, so it does not get damaged.

jewel case

It is important to note that you can perfectly design the jewelry box. Of course, it will not necessarily be similar to the original box, but it will be able to fulfill the same functions if you take care to make it well.

All you have to do is imitate the jewelry storage units already present in your home to create a new case. Thus, you will be able to personalize it with your image.

Where To Put Your Jewelry On The Plane

Where to put your jewelry on the plane

Before traveling by plane, some women always wonder about the ideal place for their jewelry. But as with other valuables, they are best protected in carry-on luggage. Indeed, there are security risks in checked baggage. That’s why it’s much better to keep them close to you.

But even if you choose this solution, it is still essential to set aside a particular storage area for your jewelry. This increases the security of your jewelry and makes it more convenient for you to store it this way. This is especially the case for those traveling with several jewelry types. You will need to free up some space in your hand luggage to accommodate the jewelry box or case that contains your accessories.

take your jewelry on a plane

Under these circumstances, you should use a key box to ensure your jewelry is protected. In addition, this jewelry storage should also be made of a more durable material to withstand shocks. Therefore, we don’t recommend plastic storage. Instead, it would be best if you opted for a leather storage box, for example. Faux leather can also be a good alternative if you need a decorative and practical accessory.

For those who travel by plane with a large quantity of jewelry, the best way to preserve it is to provide an entire suitcase just for storage. Thus, they can be part of your hand luggage. Also, it allows you to be more serene.

This is usually the case for those who go to a fashion show or a special event requiring wearing different jewelry. But even in this case, a unique storage drawer is always a good idea. So you will choose a case that can hold this storage tool. And here, it is advisable to ensure the luggage zipper’s strength so that nothing is left behind in case of shock.

how to travel with jewelry without tangling


Collars tangled up are standard when traveling, including a long trips. But this is usually the case for those who do not use proper storage for collars that face this situation.

It is important to note that you should not mix necklaces with other objects, in the toilet bag, for example. They always need a particular storage space with a compartment. To avoid this kind of problem, there are a few practical tips that you can implement.

First of all, it is advisable to select the jewels which will be helpful to you during your trip. It is not necessary to clutter your bag with a bulky jewelry cabinet. It is, therefore, more practical to carry a small number of necklaces to avoid damaging or losing them.

You don’t have to carry a display case if you are not staying long. However, if you plan to stay longer, the display stand may be necessary to arrange your necklaces. This is especially the case for those who did not bring a tool to hang them.

We can offer a simple tutorial to help you better arrange your necklaces in your travel bag. This is do-it-yourself collar storage with simple tools:

  • Take only a box that can be closed and fits the length of your necklaces. Drill and place hooks on the ends to make boxes. This way, the chances of them getting tangled up are very small. It is also possible to roll them up with a thin handkerchief and store them in a well-sealed pocket if you do not have enough time to do this.
  • The other technique is to use a straw to avoid tangled collars. You must let the other end of the collar into this tool and attach the clasp. You should note that the collar may take up more space in the storage, but this helps avoid the inconvenience when untying the knot.

Carrying Your Engagement Rings

carry engagement rings

Are you planning to propose during your holidays? It is, therefore, necessary to store the famous engagement ring properly. To do this, you will need a case or a more presentable box to sublimate this moment which must remain unforgettable.

First, if you are traveling by plane, you must know that the ring reserved for your fiancée must remain in your hand luggage. Indeed, since there can be significant risks with checked baggage, it would be better to be prepared. These can get lost or arrive late during your trip. So, don’t run the risk of storing your rings there.

What’s more, with hand luggage, the shocks are less violent. Therefore, you don’t risk damaging this fantastic piece of jewelry. What’s more, you can always check its condition until you reach your destination if you have any concerns.

We also advise you to preserve the jewel case during the journey. It will be better protected and more attractive. And if you want to present it more distinguishedly, you can use another display at the time of the request.

The advantage of the case is that it fits the object perfectly and is durable. This means that you will not have to worry about transporting the engagement ring if you do so.

How to carry earrings while traveling?

travel earring storage

Earrings are those little jewels that get lost as if by magic if they are poorly stored. Many women use toiletry bags to keep their earrings when this is the fastest way to lose them. It is also the easiest way if you want to end up with damaged earrings. Therefore, finding other methods to take them on vacation or business trips is imperative.

You have several options for arranging your earrings. Firstly, taking only a few earrings with you is preferable if your trip is not going to be extended.

For this purpose, you can use a jewelry case to arrange them. This accessory is convenient while being very elegant. It fits easily in your handbag because it does not require much space. This way, you can change your earrings at every event.

You can also use a jewelry roll. This one has compartments that can hold both earrings and necklaces. It is suitable for travel because it allows you to organize your jewelry properly. It is also easy to carry around at any time.

travel jewelry little pouch

Also, the jewelry box is much more suitable if you like to match your rings and earrings. This way, you can organize all your jewelry in the same storage. So, when it’s time to put them on, you won’t have to search everywhere in your suitcases. This allows you to save time while keeping them safe.

Also, this kind of jewelry storage is usually equipped with a mirror. So, you can change your earrings even when you are in the car or on the plane. So, they will be suitable for every circumstance.

DIY Tips To Take Your Jewelry On A Trip

DIY tips to take your jewelry on a trip

Whether it is costume jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, or simple pendants, all your jewelry must have respective places when traveling. By being arranged in your room, these little treasures each have their place.

This can be in a nice jewelry box, a mannequin, a display stand, a cabinet, a wall-mounted jewelry holder, or another special storage with various compartments. But whatever it is, they are well presented and well cared for. This implies that when you are making a trip with them, you need to think of an effective method to transport them safely.

To help you store your jewelry before leaving on a trip, we have a few tips to share with you on how to keep your jewelry in a suitcase. First of all, it is advisable to pack them appropriately in case you do not have any storage box reserved for the occasion.

The trick with the straw has already been explained to you. It is effective, but you still need to reserve a special place for your necklaces after you have done it. Now, for earrings, you can use buttons to create easy-to-store holders.

Once you arrive at your destination, if you don’t have a suitable wall mount, it is also very convenient to hang them on a paper plate. This is especially the case on holidays or trips organized in a hurry.

On the other hand, it would be better to provide more secure storage for more precious jewelry, such as gold or silver rings. To do this, create a storage box out of wood or cardboard and make sure it is securely closed.

Pill boxes can do the trick if you can’t find anything else. But here, it should be made clear that a packet should only hold one piece of jewelry if you want them to be well organized.

The Ideal Storage for Your Travels

take your jewelry on vacation

To sum up, let’s say that before traveling with your jewelry, you must be very careful. They are indeed equipment that deserves particular care so that they are well protected and emphasized.

First of all, it is essential to choose the jewels which will have to accompany you. Here, be minimalist and take only the bare necessities. If it is a holiday, it is recommended to take only the fashionable jewelry and those that are standard. This way, you can wear them to various events.

After that, it is also imperative to provide exceptional storage for the jewelry. There are several options for this, but you should choose jewelry boxes that are compatible with the type of jewelry you want to carry.

So, before you pack your bags, take a trip to your local jeweler or our online store to find a case or storage box compatible with your needs. While you can resort to various storage ideas and customize a jewelry box, taking special jewelry storage is always the best alternative.

That’s why we urge you not to overlook the importance of this kind of detail. We hope that this article has helped you and that you can now travel with peace of mind knowing that your precious jewelry is safe and secure while you travel.

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