tips for hanging jewelry

how to hang jewelry? : 3 Tips

How do you hang up jewelry?

Jewelry is one of those things that is always annoying to put away. Every time you pick up a necklace, it takes 10 minutes to untangle it from the others. When you put them together, rings and bracelets also quickly become disorganized. The more of them you have, the harder it is to find them if you leave them in a drawer or cabinet.

Our 3 Best Ideas For Hanging Your Jewelry

For those looking for a little more organization in your life regarding fashion accessories like jewelry, we give you three tips for hanging your jewelry in this article. Gone are the days of untangling and endlessly searching for the piece you want.

With these unique jewelry hanging ideas, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to untangle your jewelry in a heartbeat. The majority of your collection can be arranged on the same rack, so you don’t have to search all over the house for the jewelry you want to use.


How To Hang Jewelry: Tree holder

The jewelry tree is one of the most decorative ways to hang the silver jewelry you wear daily within easy reach. Its many branches make it easy to hang all kinds of jewelry. Choose one that matches the length of your necklaces.

This timeless storage seduces many women for the original aspect that emerges with your jewelry hanging on it. It is made of solid wood, metal, and even plastic. If you like to make your jewelry storage, we recommend our article on making your jewelry tree. By making it yourself, you will be sure it will fit perfectly with your jewelry collection and interior.

jewelry trees collection

How to hang jewelry: hanging jewelry on the wall

Keep your jewelry collection in view, so you don’t have to search too long for the sets you want to wear for the day. Fight the morning rush by organizing your beautiful jewelry, so it’s easy to see your necklaces, earrings in pairs, and everyday jewelry like bracelets.

Unfortunately, many women don’t have enough room in their homes to showcase their beautiful jewels on a dresser, shelf, or dressing table. Fortunately, the wall-mounted jewelry holder offers considerable space savings for those in this situation.

This has ample storage space directly on your wall. It’s best to store necklaces individually so they don’t get tangled up; it will also help you locate the one you are looking for more easily.

hang jewelry on the wall

No need to put everything in a giant jewelry box on your dresser. Your little treasures will be stored separately and adorn your wall with the beauty of hanging jewelry. If your closet is large enough, consider hanging them inside with a smaller wall mount. This will also prevent dust from getting on the shine of your jewels.

If you want to know more about storing jewelry, our best tips on how to keep your jewelry should interest you.

wall-mounted jewelry holder

How To Hang your Jewels: jewelry stand

If you want to show off and display your jewels in a shop window, we advise you to store your treasures on a velvet or gold jewelry holder. It has hooks made to hang your costume jewelry one by one. It mixes judiciously the functional with the decorative aspect. Hang your atypical jewels easily while decorating your interior with a chic style.

idea to hang up your jewellery

It comes in various models specially made for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You can choose between a more general jewelry holder suitable for several jewelry pieces or earring holders, necklace holders, and bracelet holders adapted to a particular piece of jewelry.

These holders, each more original than the other, will save you a lot of time every morning as you will no longer have to look for where you left your jewelry.

jewelry holder for wall collection

Jewelry Storage for Everyone:

Make sure you preserve the jewelry that matters to you with these modern and practical storage solutions. The best way to avoid tangling your metal jewelry and the risk of loss is to hang it individually.

You can store valuable jewelry for special occasions in a jewelry case to keep it dust-free. Jewelry that you wear at least once a month is more accessible on display. Your jewelry will be highlighted and will always remain visible in your room.

diy hanging jewellery

Organizing your original jewelry will no longer be a tedious task. Once you manage your collection well, you will have to quickly put your jewels in their place.

If you don’t yet have the proper storage for your jewelry, we suggest you look at our shop. You will find elegant storage boxes, cases, jewelry holders, and display stands.

With these decorative objects, you will sublimate your design jewelry when they are not on you.

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