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7 Ideas for Storing Jewelry in a Drawer

You have a chest of drawers with a large drawer that you would like to fit out to accommodate your precious jewelry, earrings, and necklaces, but you have no idea how to display them and store them correctly in this drawer.

Don’t worry; we have the solution thanks to these different ideas that will not only allow you to keep your jewels well but also classify them and make them easy to access with a few gestures.

Don’t wait any longer; follow the guide!

1. For Large Drawers

You can optimize the storage by creating several compartments for your large drawer. For example, you can opt for three large display trays as jewelry boxes. The middle one will be much larger, and the other two will have the exact dimensions.

Opt for a tray with velvet slots to store rings and small earrings for the compartment in the center of the jewelry store. You can place your jewelry with a slight spacing, so they do not come into direct contact. This way, you can line them up together because even if they are made of different materials, they won’t oxidize.

Along the length of the jewelry cabinet, you can place your chains and pendants in each recess on the velvet lining of the jewelry display.

Choose a model with three jewelry compartments in the tray on the left or right. In this compartment jewelry organizer, you will present the creoles, pendants, and earrings more massive. Finally, in the last rack, you can choose to store the most precious pieces that you take care to put in small jewelry boxes.

It is essential to choose display trays of the same color so that the look of your large jewelry storage rack is transcendent. If your drawers are white, grey display trays would be perfect. These two colors combine very well and accentuate that elegant and refined look.

2. Wooden drawers

Wood is a timeless material. That’s why it’s widely used as storage. If you have a wooden dresser or wooden drawers that you want to turn into a jewelry organizer, these tips and ideas will help.

For Large Drawers jewelry

Start by dividing your drawer into two equal parts and choose four trays of the same size for the first. Opting for black displays would be ideal to remain consistent throughout. You can then select two trays without compartments and two others with several small containers. This is an advantage in accommodating the maximum amount of jewelry. In the jewelry support with separations, you will store the tiny jewels of type: rings, studs of ears, and small pendants. In the two other boxes not separated, you can put the creoles and earrings, which occupy more space.

Then in the second part of the drawer, you can opt for a jewelry organizer, this time made of wood, to recall the furniture’s material. The compartments should not be too small, as they will serve as storage for cuffs, beads, bracelets, and watches.

3. For gold jewelry

Here is the perfect storage for your entire gold collection. Gold and white are an ideal match, hence the choice of these gold trays with a white interior. Choose two different trays. If one is categorized, the other will be in one block. In the latter, you can group your gold set. You will have enough space to display necklaces and ear jewelry correctly. In the compartmentalized display, you will put the rest of the collection (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.). This mix of colors is elegant and allows you to highlight your jewelry.

4. For White Look lovers

We will stay with the total white look, a color that embodies luxury and freshness. Also, choose white trays with a slight shade of black. You can vary the size of the displays in the drawer to optimize storage and fit all the jewelry inside.

The principle is always to separate each part to protect them effectively from scratches and limit oxidation risks.

For example, we have a large tray divided into 40 small compartments for trim rings and four medium compartments for bracelets and other jewelry.

Differentiating the size of the storage units is a plus, as it makes the storage drawer more stylish.

Finally, it would be best if you used every drawer corner. Also, you can store your watches and small jewelry boxes in the remaining space.

5. For huge Collections

If you have an extensive collection, don’t hesitate to dedicate the top two drawers of your dresser or vanity to your jewelry and fashion accessories. You will have more storage space and will not leave any of your jewels outside. The principle remains the same as for the different optimizations mentioned above. It would help if you had as many trays of different sizes and with as much separation to display your jewelry correctly. Many compartments allow each bead, hair jewel, hair clip, etc., to find its place in this treasure cave.

6. For the more maniacal among you

At Oh Precious, we’ve especially thought of you, who have a lot of jewelry to pamper and store correctly. The bigger your drawer, the more space you have to store. However, you must be clever to ensure that every drawer part is useful. Also, focus your search on removable compartmentalized organizers. You can choose trays with medium, uniform dividers to hold your rings, small necklaces, earrings, chips, and sleepers. However, consider your rigid bracelets, cuffs, and other fashion accessories like sunglasses, and incorporate larger trays for these items.

7. To highlight them well

Also, be original in the way you present your jewelry. Also, instead of choosing a too-orderly presentation, you can alternate the positioning of the trays in the drawer. For example, you can put the medium trays next to the small ones and separate the ring displays with trays in the compartment.


With these different storage tips ideas, you have an overview of how to go about storing your various jewelry collections in your bathroom furniture or dressing table drawer. Now that you are an expert in the field, you know exactly what kind of trays you need to complete your project. At the same time, we can help you find exemplary display units for your drawers. Our best models are here!

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