5 Tips For Storing Jewelry In A Drawer

You have decided to store your various jewels in a drawer, but you don’t know how to do it. As enthusiasts of the different types of jewelry, we provide you with the best tips for this.

You should remember that if you messily store your jewelry, it may get tangled up, which will not look good. On top of that, they may get scratched and scuffed.

This article will give you five tips carefully studied by us, which will help you to store your jewelry in a drawer correctly.

Let’s find out without further ado!

1. Use separator trays

Among the best solutions we recommend for storing your jewelry properly in a drawer, there is, first of all, the use of separator trays. These trays separate your jewelry pieces in the drawer according to their type or size.

Large Chest Of Drawers Dedicated To Jewelry

These trays can be made of plywood, wood, cardboard, plastic, etc. However, to ensure the protection of your jewelry, they are usually covered with a soft coating, especially velvet. This will keep them away from scratches and scuffs.

These famous trays have several compartments. These allow you to organize your precious objects as you wish. You can, for example, put your necklaces, your pendants, your rings, your bracelets, or your earrings together. It depends on your desires and needs and your jewelry collection.

Note that instead of buying prefabricated trays, you can make your own by doing a little DIY.

2. Choose an organizer by type of jewelry

To store your different jewels in a drawer in the rules of art, you can also prefer an organizer by type of jewel. The idea is to offer several trays simultaneously and use each of them to store a specific kind of jewelry.

This will help you to organize your various jewels better, especially if you have an extensive collection. Moreover, it will allow you to find your way around better. You will then benefit from a considerable saving of time when you prepare yourself since you will not have to waste time looking for specific accessories.

Choose an organizer by type of jewelry

A separate organizer for each type of jewelry is a practical solution for storing your jewelry in a drawer. It will also improve the protection of your jewels since they will be less likely to get tangled up and crammed into the drawer. Indeed, you will have more free space, allowing you to space them when you put them away.

3. Adapt Your Tray Size To Your Collection

Another way to store your jewelry correctly in a drawer is to get separator trays that are ideally suited to the size of your collection. You should know that this is one of the best solutions to prevent your jewelry from getting tangled and piled up, especially in a small drawer.

Adapt Your Tray Size To Your Collection

To find a suitable capacity, you should consider the size of your collection beforehand. Nothing should be left to chance if you want to avoid nasty surprises. Thus, each of your jewels deserves your attention.

However, it is recommended that you always allow for a certain margin. Indeed, your jewelry collection may grow more or less considerably over time. You may treat yourself to more rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. In this case, you will always have enough free space to accommodate them without buying new separator trays.

4. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom

Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom

You may be tempted to store your jewelry in the drawers of a dresser in your bathroom. However, you should know that this is a terrible idea, even if it is practically every time you get ready to go out, for example.

You should know that humidity in your bathroom can oxidize your jewelry. Their quality is then put at stake. In short, the bathroom is not the right place to store them.

Therefore, you are advised to store them in a chest of drawers in your bedroom or any other dry environment if you do not want them to oxidize.

5. Make a habit of putting down your jewelry when you’re not wearing it

Even though you have drawers and trays perfectly suited to your jewelry, you must still remember to take good care of them so that it does not get lost or damaged.

After using your jewelry, you should always put it away in your drawers so that you don’t leave it lying around and lose it. For the sake of your jewels, you must get used to doing this whenever you are not wearing them.

put down your jewelry when you're not wearing it

Also, it would help if you always took the time to put them in their respective compartments to prevent them from getting tangled and piled up. In case you are in a hurry, for example, you can leave them on your dressing table, among other things, but after you return, you must put them back there. This is the best way to protect your belongings.


Thanks to these tips, you now know how to store your various jewels properly in a drawer. There is no longer any risk of them getting scattered all over your room and lost. Most importantly, you take good care of each person by adopting the right gestures daily.

In any case, if you don’t have a chest of drawers in your home, you can always afford a jewelry box for their storage. Please look at our collection to find the best suits your tastes and preferences. You’re sure to find the perfect one!

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