how to store jewelry in a chest of drawer

How To Store Jewelry In A Dresser Drawer

Often, you waste time trying to find the jewelry you need to complete your outfit. Or maybe you’re tired of ending up with one earring instead of a pair.

Please don’t panic; we have the perfect solution for you. You only need the proper storage for your jewelry: the dresser drawer. Storing your jewelry in a chest of drawers allows you to have more space and protect it from dust and oxidation and avoid losing it.

This marvel is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?

Why store your jewelry in a chest of drawers?

Do you lack space to put a jewelry box? The ideal solution is to store your jewelry in a chest of drawers. This last one proposes many drawers which allows a better arrangement. Moreover, it is advised to choose relatively low storage to avoid accidents.

Why store your jewelry in a chest of drawers

The chest of drawers has many advantages for storing jewelry, which can be sorted by type by drawer or combined into one, depending on what the ladies like. Dividers can be added so that rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and other jewelry can stay in their place without getting mixed up. Dividers are helpful; most often, they are lined with soft velvet, so they don’t scratch the jewelry.

The Benefits of Organizing Your Jewelry in a Drawer

The organization of jewelry is essential. It allows these ladies to save time when accessorizing. But it also makes it easy to find them and, above all, to protect them as well as possible.

Daily Time Savings

Organizing jewelry is a top priority for women who want to save daily time. Many customers are thinking of ways to store their jewelry more easily.

To do this, nothing could be simpler than to organize them by genre, rings with rings, necklaces with each other, and so on. The question is how to manage the jewelry in question.

It is essential to be careful, as some jewelry is made from materials that are easier to scratch than others. Therefore, choosing a jewelry organizer with several compartments to measure your dresser drawer is the ideal solution.

Easily accessible

An efficient and practical solution is required to store the ladies’ jewelry. There are various storage methods, but it is advisable to classify them for better access.

The Benefits of Organizing Your Jewelry in a Drawer

Plus, when you open the drawers, you already know what jewelry you’ll find. You can choose hanging storage for bulky jewelry styles such as pendants and necklaces. The drawers of a chest of drawers are usually quite deep and offer a lot of space.

Effective protection

Storing jewelry in a dresser drawer is a way to ensure that it is protected from many things. First, it avoids losing them or ending up with only one earring instead of a pair, for example.

Putting jewelry in storage is also the assurance to protect it from dust. And the essential point is that it protects them from oxidation or tarnishing.

The jewelry is made from a chemical mixture of metals, which can lead to oxidation. And a soft velvet lining of the compartments protects the jewelry from scratches.

How do you organize your jewelry in your dresser?

Organizing your jewelry in your dresser takes a little effort. After all, it’s all about having the proper storage for your jewelry or putting it away by category for better use. After all, jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is a real treasure that needs to be kept shiny.

Find suitable storage.

The correct storage protects the ladies’ jewelry and enhances it. Just imagine opening your chest of drawers and seeing your jewels shining brightly on a velvet tray that shows them off. Storing jewelry on velvet enhances the shine of the jewelry’s precious metal but also provides a soft touch that you can’t live without.

Organize your jewelry by category

With its many drawers, the chest allows you to store your jewelry by category. Thus, you have at your disposal drawers just for rings and others for bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooches, chokers, watches, and so on. All you have to do is place them in drawers that are ideally suited for them. Moreover, the aesthetic side will delight your loved ones who have given you these jewels.

Keeping your little treasures shiny

The chest of drawers allows you to keep the drawers unopened. This prevents dust from settling on your beautiful jewelry and also prevents it from tarnishing or, worse, oxidizing. We must say that jewelry is sensitive to many things, starting with humidity. They deserve the best protection, whether it’s precious metal jewelry or fancy accessories made to catch the eye.


Now you know that the chest of drawers is the most suitable place to store, protect, and showcase your jewelry—no need to break your head to find a solution not to lose your jewels. Moreover, the chest of drawers allows more space and, thus, more gems.

Fans of precious stones, flashy accessories, and precious metals have a storage space just for their little treasures. So, why not treat yourself to this marvel, or start with a nice little jewelry box? At Oh Precious, our selection is waiting for you.

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