Why store your jewelry in a chest of drawers

Interior Design Ideas For Jewelry Storage Drawer

You have a large drawer for your precious jewelry, but you don’t know how to arrange it. Do you wonder which boxes to use and how to set the jewelry, so it is decorative and easy to access?

These few tips offer you the best DIY jewelry storage for your little gems. Our design ideas will allow you to organize your jewelry very well in a box, or in your dresser drawer at home, so they are well protected.

Let’s start now and find out!

Order in the mess

The idea is to get away from the overly tidy storage style. We’re going to create order out of disorder. We need trays of different sizes to create a puzzle in the drawer.

And since your jewelry collection consists of necklaces, chokers, pendants, chains, bracelets (hard and soft), rings, earrings of various types, head jewelry and watches, etc., you need the correct trays.

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For example, you’ll need trays with a single compartment for large bracelets, necklaces, and watches. You will also need displays with medium dividers for medium-sized jewelry and small containers for earrings and ear chips.

The latter can also be placed in trays with slots, which are also suitable for rings. You can alternate the location of the different jewelry storage by mixing the small with the large.

For the organization of the jewels inside, you can group them according to whether they are colored or plain.

Sleek and organized jewelry storage

The objective here is to propose a refined and well-organized jewelry rack. To do this, you need to be consistent and not too dissimilar. You will opt for trays with the same color for the covering. It is essential always to choose velvet to protect the jewelry. They should also be of the same size.

You can also put trays without compartments in the middle and organize compartmentalized models on either side. The latter can be used to store jewelry, fashion accessories, and cosmetics such as perfume, lipstick, and nail polish.

Don’t forget to get trays with flanges to insert the rings.

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Special large drawer trays

A large drawer is advantageous, as it offers several storage ideas for your jewelry. You can then use several trays for display. First, measure your drawer carefully to ensure all the jewelry compartments fit.

Remember that these storage units must protect your jewelry when choosing the models. Also, prioritize velvet or suede covers that are silky. Then, for their presentation, you can group the jewels of the same type.

For example, you can group bracelets in the same compartmentalized tray. Choose several ring trays and group them on one part of the drawer. This way, you can easily find your favorite pieces.

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You can do the same for bracelets and other jewelry you want to store in your drawer. So, it would help if you thought about getting displays with different sizes for the compartments and suitable dimensions for the small and large pieces in your collection. You can also vary the presentation of your rings and earrings with organizers with slots or bungs.

Trays specially designed for large jewelry.

If your collection consists mainly of large jewelry items such as necklaces with pearls or bracelets with large stones, you can put them on display in the storage trays of your drawer.

In the large uncompartmented displays, you can present your necklaces, bracelets, and watches side by side. They will not slip and come into contact with each other if the bottom of the box is made of velvet.

There are also displays with medium-sized dividers for individual presentation of pearls, beads, and pendants. On the other hand, you can store rings and earrings on the same slotted tray.

Mix the same jewels in the same tray

It is also possible to group jewels of the same material even if they are not necessarily of the same type. For example, you can store your silver necklace and your bracelets of the same material in the same compartment.

This presentation is perfect because the necklace will not get tangled with the bracelet. Another idea is to store a gold watch with a gold chain together. You can choose compartmentalized trays to store jewelry that you cannot mix.


With these few lines, you can now offer a better arrangement of your drawer to present your jewelry correctly. As an expert in the field, you will no longer be short of ideas for storing earrings and necklaces to store and showcase your treasures. If you have not yet found the right equipment to make your arrangement, we have the solution with a panel of presentation trays.

Please make your choice from our collections!

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