Girl’s Jewelry Box

A girl’s jewelry box is like a real treasure. As soon as a little girl sees her mother put on a necklace or a pair of shiny earrings, she falls in love with jewelry.

Give your little one a box to keep these treasures


What jewelry box to give to a girl?

At first, she starts sneaking into her mother’s or older sister’s jewelry box to try on the coveted pieces. As she gets older, she begins to get her own jewelry and soon finds herself looking for a box in which to store her growing collection of precious items.

The following may be helpful to parents looking for the best jewelry box for their daughter. Choosing a good jewelry box is not as easy as it seems. The product should combine stylish looks and functionality, while being age-appropriate, not to mention durable and safe.

A jewelry box is something that a little girl will keep for a long time as storage dedicated to her most precious things, so parents need to make sure they get one that is really worth it.

When you want to please a girl, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. But fortunately, jewelry boxes are there! Indeed, to offer a jewelry box to a young girl is to opt for an original and practical gift.

She will be able to decorate her room while allowing her to store her first jewelry. And then it is a gift that can be offered for all occasions. Whether for a birthday, a baptism, or graduation, the jewelry box is a timeless gift.

There is not one but a multitude of jewelry storage boxes for girls. Let’s review the main ones.

The musical jewelry box

The musical jewelry box has the particularity, as its name suggests, to make music. It is equipped with a mechanism that is triggered automatically when the girl opens her jewelry box. It is usually accompanied by a dancer who turns to the rhythm of the music.

This type of box is more for very young girls and pre-teens. They like to watch the dancer spinning to the music. And as they grow up, it becomes an object full of memories of their childhood.

The leather jewelry box for girls

This type of box is entirely covered with leather or imitation leather. The big advantage is that it matches any room decoration. However, leather is a more noble material that will correspond more to young girls or teenagers.

The small jewelry box

This is the perfect choice to start a jewelry collection! Because of their small size, these jewelry boxes take up very little space and can store only a few pieces of jewelry. It will be rather reserved for the small girls or young girls who do not carry much jewelry.

The round jewelry box

The round jewelry box offers a design that is out of the ordinary. It is perfectly adapted to all girls, whatever their age. However, you will have to pay attention to its storage capacity. For a girl who has a lot of jewelry, a round box with several compartments or drawers will be preferred.

The plastic jewelry box

Offering a plastic jewelry box to a young girl is an economical choice. Indeed, this type of storage is more affordable but also less solid. This type of jewelry box will be more suitable for young girls who are careful or for little girls who want to store their costume jewelry.

Offering a jewelry box to a girl, okay but to store what jewelry? This is what we will see right away.

Necklaces and pendants

For a girl who wears necklaces, it is important to choose a jewelry box with compartments dedicated to this type of jewelry. This can be hooks or a vertical drawer reserved for hanging pieces.


Hooks can also be used to hang bracelets. For rigid bracelets, horizontal compartments are more suitable.


For earrings, the jewelry box should be equipped with velvet slots that allow you to slip in earrings and chips. The creoles will find their place in horizontal compartments.


For this type of jewelry, the velvet slots are the most important feature. They will allow the girl to store her rings in all simplicity.

When buying a girl’s jewelry box, think about its main purpose. Will it be a decorative item or a travel case? Will she use it exclusively to store jewelry or other things (like makeup or souvenirs)? Is it going to be stored in a closet, or placed somewhere in plain sight?

Answering these questions will help you determine some important criteria for choosing a jewelry box. A large, richly decorated jewelry box can be a great centerpiece on a dressing table or vanity. However, if the girl plans to take the jewelry with her on a trip, a smaller, lighter case would be better.

A portable jewelry box should also be lockable and have a mirror. If you are looking for a multipurpose box, where she can store not only jewelry but other keepsakes, you should opt for products with larger, unspecified sections.

Giving a jewelry box to a young girl is a very good idea. It is meant to be both an original and practical gift. So, now that you know the important points to consider when giving a jewelry box to a young girl, discover our selection without delay.

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