Glass Jewelry Box

Distinguished and elegant, the glass jewelry box is a real jewel in itself! As delicate as a diamond ring, this jewel box will look great on your dressing table.

Perfect to contemplate your most beautiful ornaments


Why choose a glass jewelry box?

Over the years, artisans have taken advantage of the use of exquisite materials to create exceptional objects. However, no other material has been able to match the elegance of glass as a material for making a jewelry box.

Glass is primarily used as a glazing material in most buildings, but its possibilities are endless. So much so that you can find jewelry boxes made entirely or partially of glass.

But when you say “glass”, you almost immediately think of its fragility. That’s why you’re wondering whether or not you should buy a glass jewelry box. We tell you everything.

Choosing a glass jewelry box offers many advantages. You still doubt it? Here are some good points that can be attributed to glass.


Because of its visibility, glass blends in perfectly with all other materials. Glass connects the outside world to the inside, which can be a great asset. It can protect your jewelry while providing an open, sophisticated look. In addition, glass is a material that can be produced in a variety of colors which also gives it the ability to be decorative. Not to mention that glass enhances your jewelry.


Glass has a smooth and shiny surface. As a result, glass is dustproof and therefore easy to clean. Plus, you’ll appreciate being able to see your jewelry at a glance without having to open your case.

Glass effectively protects your jewelry

Sunlight is a material that resists the onslaught of the sun without losing its integrity and appearance. You can leave your jewelry box in the sun without damaging it. Glass is also resistant to rust. Unlike any other, it will not be degraded by chemicals and environmental effects.

If you are looking for a way to store your jewelry, a box is definitely the best choice. Now, you may still be wondering what jewelry you could store inside. Well, the short answer is all of them! In fact, all of your jewelry can be stored in a glass jewelry box.

Whether you have just a few pieces or a whole collection of jewelry, you are bound to find a suitable storage solution. The key is to find a box with accessories and compartments that will allow you to store and organize the jewelry you have.

As surprising as it may seem, glass can be worked into different shapes. If curves are difficult to achieve, it is quite possible to find jewelry storage with various shapes. See for yourself, here are what shapes a glass jewelry box can take:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Octagonal
  • Heart-shaped

To achieve one of these shapes, the manufacturer will connect the glass walls with a gold or silver metal structure.

To choose the right storage box for your jewelry, you must take into account certain details.

Its size

As we’ve just seen, glass jewelry boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the demands of almost any type of jewelry collection. Whether you have just a few precious pieces or a huge treasure trove, there are options that work for you.

Remember to plan ahead. If you have a smaller collection now, but plan to expand it considerably in the near future, it may make sense to opt for a larger glass jewelry box. After all, this high-quality jewelry storage should last for years. This will save you time and the hassle of having to constantly renew your box.

Its compartments

Depending on the type of jewelry you have, you may need a glass jewelry box with different compartments. If you have many different types of jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.), it would be beneficial to get a box with many compartments and storage options.

Many jewelry boxes come with handy features such as earring slots, necklace hangers, and watch holders. If you have a very small collection or only have one type of jewelry, the number and variety of compartments may not be as important.

With or without drawers

Some models of glass jewelry boxes may have drawers. This is a handy detail because they will allow you to easily access your jewelry without compromising the overall size of the storage. The only drawback is that you will have to open the drawer to see your jewelry stored inside.

Glass is a material that deserves all your attention, especially when it is used in the manufacture of jewelry boxes. It enhances your most beautiful jewels while effectively protecting them from vagaries. But choosing a glass box is also choosing elegance and refinement. With a gold or silver metal structure, it will add a touch of softness to your interior decoration.

So if you are convinced by the glass jewelry boxes, don’t waste time. Choose the one that will allow you to store and organize your most beautiful pieces. Discover our collection of original glass jewelry boxes.

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