jewelry armoire

A jewelry holder that allows you not only to keep your jewelry protected but also to display it safely and store it perfectly. The solution we propose is the jewelry armoire.

Simple and easy to use and suitable for storing your treasures.


Jewelry Cabinet

Are you tired of losing your jewelry? Your children keep touching them and end up misplacing them? Do you waste time every morning looking for one of your earrings? You would like to please your loved ones by showing that you cherish the jewelry they gave you? At Oh Precious, we have the perfect solution for you. A solution that not only allows you to keep your jewelry safe but also to display it safely and store it perfectly. The solution we propose is the jewelry cabinet.

It is simple and easy to use and is suitable for storing your treasures. So what are you waiting for?

When it comes to jewelry storage, nothing beats the jewelry armoire. Jewelry lovers can be reassured, the latter has everything to please them.

Indeed, the jewelry cabinet allows you to have large storage space. No need to worry about where to place rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other fashionable accessories.

In addition, the jewelry cabinet usually offers a large mirror for the ladies to admire themselves. This is the kind of furniture that is easy to place in the bedroom in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

It offers a beautiful display stage for your jewelry. Not to mention the fact that you can surprise your loved ones by displaying your jewelry, without them suspecting that it is a jewelry cabinet instead of a simple standing mirror.

A jewelry storage unit such as the jewelry armoire allows you to classify your jewelry. No more need to let them mix together for lack of space. In addition, the jewelry cabinet helps protect your precious treasures from dust, moisture as well as oxidation. These ladies no longer have to worry about mixing jewelry and not finding a pair of earrings intact. And there’s no need to waste time fumbling around for the jewelry you need in the morning, a simple glance is all it takes to find it.

The jewelry cabinet is the ideal storage for women with a passion for jewelry. It offers a large storage area as well as the possibility to have a place for each kind of jewelry. Whether it’s pendants or necklaces, there’s plenty of room to hang them as well as fancy earrings. There are slots for bracelets, watches, and rings, as well as drawers that can even hold makeup products.

When these ladies open the jewelry armoire, a splendid view is presented to them. It is possible to install jewelry on both sides for better display. Being designed with many built-in compartments with hooks, jewelry collectors can feast their eyes. Everything is on display and all the jewelry can be easily spotted.

But beware, that’s not all, the jewelry cabinet itself can be called a “little jewel”. Indeed, the jewelry armoire is both a decorative and practical piece of furniture. Practical, because it can contain a lot of jewelry. But also decorative, because it offers a large mirror in which to admire yourself in general, it is made of wood giving it a natural elegance that enhances a bedroom.

Jewelry lovers will be delighted with the jewelry closet. Because, as its name suggests, it is designed specifically for jewelry. There are several kinds of jewelry cabinets, but they are all well compartmentalized so that each kind of jewelry is in its place and so that the owner can organize his precious jewelry much easier.

Women who are worried about their jewelry getting scratched or tarnished over time, have no worries with the jewelry armoire. The latter offers several compartments that are lined with soft velvet to accommodate the jewelry. As everyone knows, velvet is both soft to the touch and allows the jewelry to shine. With the jewelry armoire, women can simply reach out and pick up a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or even a necklace without worrying about them getting tangled up.

There are several types of jewelry cabinets on the market. Women are spoilt for choice and can opt for a small or a large wardrobe, depending on their bedroom.

Small jewels cabinet

The small jewelry cabinet makes it easier to store your jewelry. As its name suggests, it is small in size, so it does not take up much space in the bedroom. Moreover, it is the ideal kind of furniture to store your entirely dedicated jewelry. No need to add anything else, the small jewelry cabinet will house and protect your jewelry discreetly. No need to worry about your jewelry, the interior is lined with velvet that will not only protect your jewelry but also highlight them when the small jewelry cabinet is opened.

Large jewelry armoire

For the jewelry lover with a large collection of shiny treasures, we at Oh Precious recommend the large jewelry armoire. It offers style and elegance in the bedroom, as well as plenty of storage space. No need to fuss, you have all the room you need to arrange your jewelry collection, including your precious watches, necklaces, brooches, pendants, or even tiaras for the princess at heart. You don’t have to hold back anymore with the large jewelry cabinet, you can easily store and organize your jewelry with panache so you don’t have to blush when you display it to your loved ones.

Now you know how special and useful the jewelry armoire is. So, it’s time to find out which jewelry armoire is right for you. There are several types of jewelry armoires such as the standing jewelry armoires, the wall-mounted jewelry armoires or the jewelry cabinet with a mirror.

Large jewelry armoires

The jewelry cabinet offers large storage space for these ladies. As for the jewelry cabinet on the legs, it has aesthetic furniture in addition to a very large space to store their jewelry. Indeed, the models of jewelry cabinets on foot impose. Just like a real classic armoire, they are often designed in wood to give them a more aesthetic touch.

The floor-standing cabinet is both elegant and designed. Besides, ladies who have a large bedroom and have a large collection of jewelry love this kind of jewelry cabinet. But beware, even the little coquettes can love this storage armoire since it can hold jewelry and beauty and makeup products, in addition to the many hair accessories or even sunglasses. You will be able to admire your precious jewels thanks to the leds lights present on the interior ceiling of the cupboard

The standing armoire is considered a real jewelry box for those who have space in their bedroom. Moreover, the jewelry armoire is considered to be an aesthetic and chic piece of acme furniture that will enhance the mood of the bedroom. And these ladies will be delighted to admire themselves in the large mirror that comes with the jewelry cabinet.

A wall-mounted jewelry armoire

The wall-mounted jewelry cabinet is considered the right furniture for those who want to decorate the walls of their rooms. Indeed, as the name suggests, it is the kind of storage furniture that is positioned against a wall. Not only will this type of furniture not take up much space, but it also allows you to decorate a wall with ease and add some flair to it.

The wall-mounted jewelry cabinet not only decorates the room but also stores a nice little collection of jewelry. It is the ideal kind of storage box for those who do not have a lot of jewelry but need suitable storage space for it. It should be remembered that the wall-mounted jewelry cabinet is well compartmentalized and allows you to place the jewelry without it getting tangled up with each other.

A little tip: the wall-mounted jewelry cabinet is the perfect place to store jewelry, but more importantly, it is perfect for women who lack space in their rooms. In addition, it is not necessary that the wall cabinet is in the room, it can be installed in almost any room.

A jewelry cabinet with a mirror and led lights

For women who love to admire their jewelry, but especially love to see it on them, there is the jewelry cabinet with a mirror that is perfectly suited for them. Not only is this one a rather aesthetically pleasing jewelry storage cabinet, but it also features a very large mirror. No need to worry about jewelry storage anymore since it has compartments for all types of jewelry, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on.

The standing cabinet with a mirror offers space, and above all it is decorative. It’s the perfect kind of jewelry cabinet for those who have a large jewelry collection and like to admire themselves in front of a big, beautiful mirror. After all, jewelry is meant to be worn and admired. The cabinet holds the precious treasures but also serves as a trompe l’oeil masquerading as a simple mirror. Your loved ones will be surprised when you show them the jewelry hidden inside illuminated with these led lights.

You now know that you can keep your jewelry in a jewelry cabinet. The latter comes in several types but has several advantages. It allows you to store your jewelry efficiently, whether it is a small or large collection. And the jewelry cabinet also plays a decorative role, no matter where this cabinet is installed.

Now you are fully aware of what kind of jewelry cabinet you can find on the market, but more importantly, you know what kind of jewelry cabinet you need. For those who are interested, there is a selection waiting for you at Oh Precious. For those of you who are not quite sure, why not take a look at what our site has to offer? The charm of the jewelry cabinet may not work on you, but who knows, you may find the jewelry box of your dreams in a few clicks.

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