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The jewelry gift box is a small box where you can place a valuable jewel to offer or to proudly expose. Adorned jewelry boxes with beautiful details.

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You are not unaware that any jewel offered, is in principle in a magnificent case, which already sublimates without having seen it, and which often allows the person receiving the gift to express a lively joy and even much more in the moment.

It is precisely this packaging that will be the first vision that is the case that I will talk about.

You have just bought the most beautiful jewel in a prestigious jewelry store, a ring set with a precious stone or a pearl necklace, that you wish to offer to someone you care about. Now you have to find the perfect packaging to show it off.

Here at Oh Precious, you will find a way to make a gift unique by using elegant or fancy support. Choose a small box to showcase a pendant, a pair of earrings, or a beautiful white gold ring with a sapphire.

Embellishing a marriage proposal is essential! You will have to take into account several parameters to succeed in highlighting the engagement ring that you wish to offer him. Be attentive to the smallest element to succeed at this moment which will remain unforgettable. Make it simple and original by consulting our wedding proposal ideas.

First and foremost, what kind of statement do you want to make? A simple statement in privacy in which a classic leather or velvet ring box would work perfectly to keep your ring pure.

In a moment of intimacy, you could also play the surprise card by choosing a case with a compartment in which to hide a wedding ring. It’s up to your taste, but remember that certain associations are forbidden. Especially when it comes to the colors of the selected box. In wood, there will be no problem, the wooden cases are easily combined with all kinds of rings. In 18k gold or silver, their neutral and natural aspect allows them to be associated with all your jewelry.

If you want to propose in a classic way, in privacy or not, then it will be necessary to perfectly match your jewel box and the ring you have chosen. The wedding jewelry box is the perfect box for a classic and successful proposal. A combination of leatherette and gold edging reminiscent of the Victorian style.

You must be careful in your choice. If you have to carry your box in a pocket, choose a compact model to avoid ending up with a damaged box.

Gold rings and silver rings for women will need to find a case according to their color and the shades of the gem. To please and make this moment unforgettable, you will have to match your case with the ring for the woman.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take off a ring that you keep on your finger every day. Keep your wedding rings always together in a small double-compartment ring box. They will remain in perfect condition in a velvet padded case. 

You want to give a small pendant to your daughter who is a pianist, so why not surprise her by embellishing your jewelry in a piano-shaped ring box? Use a ring box according to the taste of the person you want to surprise.

A musical jewelry box is therefore the kind of box that can only please, for the ingenuity of its musical mechanism and its usefulness as storage. Moreover, it is a box that can please both adults and young people, and that will bring a certain pleasure to your interior decoration!

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