Musical jewelry box

Musical jewelry boxes are original and ideal gift ideas for your little nieces, cousins, and other little girls around you. With their sweet and catchy refrain, their exquisite finishing, and their pastel tones adapted to any room.

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Musical jewelry boxes collection

Nostalgic of the time when your mother or grandmother was preparing to put on those beautiful ornaments? Discover the musical jewelry box, a real authentic and timeless jewelry storage that will please both adults and children.

Let’s discover this magical collection together!

Functioning of a music jewelry box

The functioning of a music box is based on the following principle: a cylinder bristling with pins turning on its axis parallel to a keyboard provided with slats lifts the latter in order to set them in vibration.

The magic dancer inside a musical jewelry box

The musical jewelry box is the perfect choice to add a little sweetness to your life and to be able to store your jewelry in music! We often see them in movies as something that little girls dreamily look at and wish they could own.

And even as adults, we often still dream of such a box! This style of jewelry box has been around since the 16th century and quickly established itself as a sign of royalty and luxury. Today, the success of musical jewelry boxes is undeniable and they still make everyone dream, with their ingenuity, their beauty, and their elegance.

We all have in mind the famous ballerina dancing gracefully on the open jewelry box

For music (and jewelry) lovers

A musical jewelry box, as its name suggests, is perfect for music lovers! Classical music lovers will be the first to be convinced. Indeed, the musical boxes propose many great classics! Who doesn’t want to see a little mechanical dancer twirling on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake? This ballet composed at the end of the 1870s is now such a timeless success that no one can resist it. Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, composed in 1928, is also a choice piece of music: it is one of the most performed works in the world! Für Elise, by the genius Beethoven, is also often proposed by these little boxes and will always be appreciated by our ears. So, if you are a fan of this kind of music, don’t hesitate!

For kids

Your kids might also be very interested. Many little girls have seen the movie Barbie of Swan Lake by Owen Hurley, so they’ll be thrilled to have this music in their jewelry box! And even for children who don’t know these great classics yet, it’s an opportunity to cultivate them while having fun! You can give them a musical jewelry box and tell them about the history of music. Maybe your girls will even discover a future career as a musician!

To offer to your loved one

Moreover, a musical jewelry box is the perfect gift idea, whatever the occasion. For Christmas, for a communion, a housewarming, for your children’s or nieces’ birthday, or even for your sister’s or a friend’s who loves music… This gift will never fail to please, and to make young and old dream.

The perfect storage

A musical jewelry box is also, and above all, the perfect storage for your collection. Not only do you choose a pleasant, decorative and original object, but you also choose a place that will allow you to keep your jewelry in good condition and well organized. Some musical jewelry boxes have a lot of space, large drawers, and many places for rings or for your necklaces and earrings… You will be able to keep your jewelry separated, untangled, and in a safe place.

A stylish design

Aesthetically, these beautiful boxes come in so many colors that you’re bound to find something you like: blue, pink, white, purple… For kids too, musical boxes are just right. A musical box with princess crown decorations and a little dancer, for example, will definitely please a young girl, even more, if she dances. An adult ballerina will also appreciate the nod.

practical above all else

To add to the convenience, a musical jewelry box can also be used as a lullaby for your children. Jewelry boxes for babies don’t really exist, but if you’re looking for one, a musical box is a way to go!

Of course, it should not be left within reach until the child is old enough to play with it, but you can rock your child with the soft melody of the box… They say that classical music improves sleep! And it also improves concentration, productivity, and mood at home. It also reduces stress. So many benefits!

Note also that some jewelry boxes even have a small mirror, a detail always appreciated and very practical.

Pour garder votre boîte à bijoux musicale en bon état le plus longtemps possible, il est important de la conserver à l’abri de de la lumière du soleil, de l’humidité et des endroits poussiéreux. Il faut également être délicat lorsqu’on la manipule, pour garder le mécanisme musical et les petites figurines dansantes en bon fonctionnement.

To clean them, you have to take into account that musical jewelry boxes are usually made of wood with a velvet interior. Therefore, it is best to simply use a soft cloth and rub gently, avoiding touching the little dancer, so as not to damage it. Avoid water and products that could damage the wood. To clean the interior, you can use a small handheld vacuum cleaner for dust, always being careful not to damage the musical mechanism.

In case the little ballerina comes apart, you can rub it with warm soapy water if it is stained, but then you have to wait until it is dry to put it back.

And if your musical jewelry box ever has a mirror, you can use a little white vinegar that you gently rub in circles on the reflective surface. Then let it air dry. Always be careful not to get the box wet. Also, this cleaning should not be done too often, so as not to damage the mirror.

A musical jewelry box is therefore the kind of box that can only please, for the ingenuity of its musical mechanism and its usefulness as storage. Moreover, it is a box that can please both adults and young people, and that will bring a certain pleasure to your interior decoration!

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