Necklace Holder

The necklace holder is the jewelry holder to have on your dressing table if you have a beautiful and large collection of necklaces, pendants, and other chains.

No more tangled chains with this Necklace Holders


Why buy a Necklace holder?

Good jewelry organization will help you every day. Who hasn’t wasted a lot of time in the morning looking for a ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings that we haven’t taken the time to put away?

Finally, we often wear the same jewelry which is empty and tiring. If you store your jewelry well, you will have the advantage of finding the ones you want to wear faster and you will keep them better than in the bottom of a drawer.

Tired of tangling your necklaces and spending hours untangling them? Check out our necklace holders that will allow you to store them and admire them whenever you want on their jewelry holder! For the biggest sets, a necklace bust is a right choice.

A jewelry stand or you can hang or store several types of necklaces, necklaces, or chains. The necklace holder exists today under several models. Whether it is to be placed or fixed to the wall, we will help you discover all the secrets of the original jewelry display. 

This guide will explain everything there is to know about this necklace holder. So you can find the one that suits you best. And why not a great gift idea?

After accumulating a nice collection of necklaces, you face a real problem. Your gold, silver, or fashion necklaces with shiny pearls are in danger of getting damaged due to shocks and the environment around them. Your long necklaces get tangled all the time and it takes hours to prepare them. Stop! You’re in the right place.

First of all, take the time to sort them by type and by material, so you will see them a little more clearly. Clean them if necessary. Take the opportunity to offer to your daughter or your friends those that you no longer use or that you feel you need to part with to make some space.

This step is very important because it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Ask yourself the question, if I didn’t have it, would I buy it? If the question is no, get rid of it. You can sell it too. 

Once all your favorite necklaces are put aside, small chains with small chains, long necklaces with long necklaces, and everything is sorted out, let’s move on to the next step.

Let’s move on to the most important step of all. So important that if you don’t do it now, all your efforts will be in vain. And you’ll have to do it again a few weeks later with the same problems.

  • Make your own necklace storage with paper towel rolls or even toilet paper.
  • Use a jewelry box for necklaces if you want to protect them from dust
  • Or simply choose a nice necklace holder to have them within reach

The necklace holder comes in many styles. The jewelry bust is presented with a display aspect that is made to expose a single piece of your jewelry. The necklace holders can accommodate several of your necklaces on the same support.

Like the jewelry holders, you will find all kinds. Some of them are rotatable so that you can have easier access to your necklaces without having to move the stand.

The wall-mounted necklace holder

This type of stand that you hang on the wall is obviously more suitable for long and heavy collars, but not only. Don’t forget the aesthetic side and hang small beautiful jewels on it. Indeed, this type of support will be quite simple to install: Two nails in the wall and a few small blows of the hammer to get there.

It can be in the form of a chicken wire, or a more modern grid with lots of small holes to accommodate your beautiful necklaces or for a more modern Scandinavian look, it will be in the form of a tree branch.

Usually, it can hold studs and earrings. Steel hooks are provided to accommodate the heaviest and most imposing necklaces, such as fancy necklaces full of charms for example. So you can display them on your wall, it will make a very nice decorative piece in your room.

Another advantage to this type of support, you will not be limited by the length of your necklaces. So you will adapt the height of installation according to the size of your necklaces.

For those who don’t want to drill the wall or don’t feel like doing it. You can always opt for necklace support on base.

Jewelry necklace holder Stand

To choose this type of support, you will have to choose the height of your necklace. A necklace holder stand will not accommodate necklaces that are too long. Contrary to what we saw for the wall jewelry holders.

Indeed, for long necklaces, you will have to make sure to choose a necklace holder high enough. Do not hesitate to check the dimensions that we inform in our product sheets to be sure to choose the right one. And thus avoid your jewel deteriorating in contact with the ground or even worse, getting tangled.

Moreover, a wide choice is offered to you in terms of design. At Oh Precious, there is something for everyone. For nature lovers, we have models made of raw wood or handcrafted driftwood. This one will be perfect in a minimalist Scandinavian decor. For those who love chic and luxury, you have models in gold, black or colored metal. The choice is yours.

You will also find necklace holders in several shapes, from birds to hearts to clouds, you have the choice to hang your necklaces easily and quickly!

necklace Bust Shape Holder

This jewelry display is ideal for showing off your long or short necklaces. Ideal for storing and highlighting your necklaces or pendants, these bust holder models are distinguished by their original aesthetic and their excellent stability thanks to their base.

Made of natural wood, chic ceramic, or upholstered in soft velvet, find the one that suits you best on our website and showcase your collection for all to see.

horizontal necklace organizer

Without creative storage ideas, gold jewelry such as chains are stored in a drawer, hidden in the shadows, and tangled up. This type of horizontal necklace holder makes it easy to choose your pendant of the day. This chain holder has a unique personality and shows the true beauty of your silver chain in every detail.

It is a joy to buy beautiful jewelry that can add a touch of luxury to our appearance. If you own valuable jewelry, it’s a shame to lock it in a drawer. Display them on a minimalist horizontal jewelry rack where you can admire them when you are not wearing them.

This jewelry holder will fit perfectly into your house’s interior design and will appeal to all women who are attached to their treasures.

Tray or rack necklace display

This model highlights all your creations, whether they are classic or fancy, and allows you to organize all its necklaces! The jute, natural wood, or velvet material will give a very qualitative aspect while taking care of your favorite jewel. In-store, on a show, or at home, choose a necklace tray!

Wooden frame necklace organizer

This necklace organizer allows you to display several necklace/jewelry at the same time thanks to its lateral slots on the sides.

The display tray is very practical for temporary exhibitions because it can be easily stored. You can transport this model without difficulty using it at a fair or on a stand.

This type of necklace stand is sheathed in an attractive velvet material or generally made of solid wood or metal.

Professionals in the jewelry business as well as pendants lovers will appreciate the practicality of this necklace holder model.

Necklace Holders come in a multitude of materials. You can find some made entirely of wood or metal, while some are covered with velvet or vegan leather.

Wooden necklace holders

A wooden necklace holder is a timeless choice. Indeed, wood does not go out of fashion while agreeing with all the styles of interior. It will delight women who like objects that last.

Whether in the form of a bust, a notched plate, or a wooden branch for a more natural look. You will find, at Oh Precious, the latest trends in terms of natural necklace holders.

Velvet necklace organizers

Velvet offers a chic and elegant design. It is a material that is very common in women’s jewelry organizers, it is suitable to take care of your shiny jewels.

Leather necklace display

Leather is a durable material. However, real leather can be expensive. So, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a leather jewelry display, opt for a vegan leather covering. It looks just as good but is still less durable.

With proper use and care, the texture and appearance of the leather will last for years, perhaps even longer than its user.

Metal Necklace display

The metal necklace holder can play the role of classy wall decoration. It can of course replace your old-fashioned paintings or be a complement to them. It is available in several designs and will fit perfectly with your decorative style.

Usually, in the form of a chicken wire, birdcage, or even a harp with a marble base, this chic necklace holder will be an undeniable asset to your interior design. It will allow you to display and store all the jewelry sets you have, your earrings, and bracelets that are in the same range as your necklace. Make your visitors jealous of your beautiful collection.

At Oh Precious, we strive to bring you the latest trends in the world of jewelry storage, but more importantly, storage that will make your life easier and make you more organized and happier.

As we’ve seen here, necklace holders can be a real asset in your everyday life, so you can give them to your loved ones to help them get better organized too. This type of storage is so versatile that it will fit any taste.

The time to pick up and put on your necklace will become a real moment of happiness and not a chore. I let you discover all the collections on Oh Precious. You will certainly find your happiness, and if it is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to find you your precious one.

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