4 Drawers Jewelry Box


A large Four Drawers Jewelry Box with drawers that proves that every detail counts.

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A large jewelry box with drawers that proves that every detail counts

A storage box that breaks codes with its distinctive look. Just like a display case, it can still be used to admire your jewelry arranged behind its glass windows. You will not only have original storage but also chic to decorate your home. This large and unique Jewelry Box will be very pleasant to use thanks to its easy organization and always at hand.

Each side of this jewelry box contains a large storage space reserved for one type of jewelry thanks to its 4 drawers. You can hang your pendants separately from your necklaces and long necklaces with the help of hooks like on jewelry holders. This will prevent your jewelry from getting tangled up. The drawers offer a large storage capacity for your watches, bracelets, and other fashion accessories.

Finally, the removable top box has multiple velvet slots so you can neatly store your rings, hoops as well as earrings in pairs. This large jewelry box is actually the ultimate organizer to be sure to keep the charm as well as the shine of your little gems. Delicately store your jewelry whether it is made of silver, costume, or gold. Made to measure for jewelry enthusiasts, it will offer you immense possibilities to store your luxury jewelry while keeping them visible. Sorting your jewels will no longer be a boring thing

Smart storage that has it all with these many accessories to store your jewels

Rectangular in shape, this large box can rotate thanks to its rotating stand. This will allow you to quickly access the jewelry you want to put on thanks to the box storage drawers. Use your jewelry collection to enrich your room decor in style. The love of goldsmithing leads us to always challenge ourselves and imagine the future organizers that will help us every day. We offer vertical jewelry boxes, round ones, modern ones, and glass ones for both children and adults. This high-end model of jewelry box combines, ease of storage, with a certain aestheticism.

4 Drawers Jewelry Box Dimensions:

  • Height: 28 cm
  • Length: 21 cm
  • Width: 21 cm


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