Designer Leather Jewelry Box


Give yourself a stylish way to keep your jewelry collection safe with this classy designer jewelry box!

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Jewelry storage has never been so accessible with this designer jewelry box

All jewelry enthusiasts know that for proper organization of one’s collection, one must give oneself the means. Indeed, the more important our jewelry is to us, the more appropriate it is to protect it. If you haven’t yet managed to have a thorough organization of your jewelry, this often happens:

  1. Your jewelry collection is scattered
  2. Your jewelry gets damaged over time
  3. You waste time looking for it
  4. Earrings can easily get lost
  5. Your necklaces often get tangled

We believed that to feel better about your daily life and to end the stress of losing a piece of jewelry you love, you need to have the ability to store your jewelry easily.

To end the clutter of your beautiful jewelry collection, this designer storage box easily allows you to :

  1. Store your jewelry by categories
  2. Keep their shine long-lasting
  3. No more wasting time untangling them
  4. Quickly find the jewelry you want to wear
  5. Be more fulfilled thanks to perfect organization

A jewelry storage box where nothing has been left to chance

So that you can finally take care of your precious ornaments, this jewelry box has been imagined with a panoply of accessories to protect and preserve your jewels long-lasting. The interior made of ultra-soft velvet will maintain the purity as well as the shine that your precious jewels exude. In addition, this large Jewelry Box offers easy access to your jewels by remaining always within reach. You will have no trouble finding the jewelry you need for the day.

Its velvet storage compartments separate and keep your jewelry in its place while preventing any possible scratches. This beautiful leather jewelry box offers unique storage space for all types of jewelry, from bracelets and rings to necklaces and earrings.

A very stylish way to keep your ever-expanding jewelry organized. Its large drawer with six compartments allows you to store your larger jewelry items such as bangles, watches, or cuffs.

You can easily hang your bracelets, necklaces, and even pendants on the hooks under the lid of the Jewelry Box. Next to the jewelry hanging rack, you’ll find a small mirror as well as a place to neatly sort your earrings as chips or studs.

Design and decorative style that has nothing to envy for your jewelry

Add a touch of femininity to your decor while keeping your jewelry safe from dust and oxidation. The durable faux leather lining of the premium jewelry box gives it an elegant and timeless touch. To add volume to the lid and set it apart from the rest, the lid has been adorned with small diamonds with precise and decorative stitching.

Every detail of the box has been thought out to give you real pleasure when you use it. This will motivate you all the more to keep your jewelry collection in meticulous order.

Please your loved ones with a memorable gift idea

More than just storage, this designer jewelry box has been made to enhance your everyday life to make you feel better about your home. It is ideal to give to please your loved ones as an original gift that will be very useful to them every day.

This box will be able to accommodate even the largest collections of jewelry. It will be nice to use and pleasant to see in its order within its decoration.

Change your daily life now

No more jewelry lying around, no more time wasted untangling it, and no more stress of losing it. These pretty jewelry boxes will watch over your little treasures and keep their beauty intact.

Its practical handmade storage space allows you to store your silver, gold, or costume jewelry, no matter how many you have. Delightful and timeless, it pays homage to the brand’s iconic boxes that help thousands of women take care of their little treasures every day.


Designer Leather Jewelry Box Dimensions:

  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 22.5 cm
  • Width: 17 cm


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