Divan Style Ring Display


A magnificent ring display that recalls the shape of a sofa.

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The original ring display stand is reminiscent of the shape of a sofa

Discover this handcrafted display stand inspired by a sofa to display and store your precious rings. The stand is made of solid wood which gives it great resistance to time. The interior part of the display stand is lined with velvet to preserve the shine of your little treasures. Its two rows can accommodate several rings while remaining very elegant.


An atypical shape that seduces all eyes

All the materials we use have particularities that offer you a remarkable level of requirement in terms of atypical design. The union of know-how and style against the sources of inspiration to design storage units with an exceptional appearance that propels Oh Precious among the leaders in storage for your jewelry.


Exhibit your precious rings and preserve them with this never-before-seen storage

The ring is an exceptional jewel that women adore. If your jewelry collection includes several precious rings, these little jewels demand to be arranged in storage that can set them apart from other jewelry. This will save you from scratches and also wear and tear. Most women end up with a lot of rings after a few years but only wear one at a time. The other rings should be kept in a storage unit that can keep them all organized. This handcrafted wooden display stand has the incredible ability to hold your rings in one place with care. Our ring storage is designed to provide reliable and timeless storage. Place your rings on these display racks and present them as the most precious jewels in your collection.


The display sofa blends boldness and craftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from jewelry stores, this display stand is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that is ideal for ensuring remarkable organization. Like a huge number of collectors, you don’t want to waste hours searching for your fine jewelry or have it damaged. So choose a jewelry holder to suit your taste that will be suitable for storing all your jewelry. Combine the useful with the pleasant with this display stand uniting the avant-garde touch with the tradition of Oh Precious.


Divan Style Ring Display Dimensions:

  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Width: 10,5 cm


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