Jewelry Box for Girls


The velvet Jewelry Box for Girls is as soft as it is beautiful. If you love your precious jewels, its interior will preserve them perfectly.

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The velvet jewelry box for Girls is as soft as it is lovely.

If you love your precious jewelry, this charming velvet jewelry box will perfectly match your needs. This beautiful storage box is completely dressed in soft velvet which makes its exterior and interior very fine to the touch. Its interior consists of a tray that can hold your rings, bracelets as well as earrings. Its compartments allow you to store your jewelry separately. On the lid, you will find hooks to hang your necklaces and pendants. The dream box is designed to facilitate your daily life with its key lock and its mirror. As decorative as practical, this jewelry box will make your life easier with your little treasures.


  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 27 cm
  • Width: 19 cm

A rounded jewelry box dressed entirely in velvet

You often put your metal jewelry in a drawer when you are not wearing them. As the years go by, sometimes your precious ones disappear or don’t shine like they did when they came out of the jewelry store. To save you from any inconvenience, a storage box is a good resolution to stop being afraid of not finding your precious jewelry anymore. Sometimes given as a gift, jewels remind us of a moment in our past or someone in particular.

We are often very attached to these little wonders, and we are ready to do anything to preserve their beauty even more. Leaving your jewelry in a drawer is not recommended. The air causes the oxidation of silver jewels and deposits dust on them. Jewelry is one of the most fashionable adornments. As your jewelry grows, it’s imperative to have a place designed primarily to keep your precious adornments well organized.

Compartments for the good of your jewelry

We’ve thought of you with custom compartments to store rings, and hooks to hang your necklaces. Like small dressers, many of Oh Precious’s jewelry boxes have storage drawers, so you can access your fine jewelry more easily. Most of our large jewelry boxes are equipped with a mirror under the lid. Your beautiful dangling earrings can be arranged next to each other in the slots provided.

Elaborated with foolproof materials, our velvet storage boxes will change your whole routine. Adorn your interiors and keep your jewelry collection organized without the hassle of compartmentalized drawers. The women’s jewelry boxes fitted with drawers make it easy for you to access your storage space.

Decorative storage that will serve you every day

Our jewelry boxes are such beautiful storage, that on a shelf will create a surprise. A storage box is essential to order your jewels in your room, when you travel with your jewels, it is important to have a travel Jewelry Box.

Prevent your jewelry from getting scratched while traveling with our slim and lovely travel jewelry cases. Travel worry-free with our cleverly compartmentalized travel jewelry boxes. Our jewelry displays are designed both to decorate your home and to make storage easier.

If you have expensive jewelry, putting it in a box will keep it safe from dust, but it won’t show it off as well as the jewelry display. Our jewelry trays combine storage utility with a noticeable aesthetic appeal. Hang your long necklaces carefully without making a mess of them with the greatness of our jewelry racks.

Jewelry you will treasure for years

Don’t lose any more jewelry with our boxes made first to order all the jewelry in a humble area, after that these boxes are made to decorate your room.

No more missing or scratched necklaces, we give you the means to organize your jewels in an unequaled way. By ordering from Oh Precious, you contribute to the quality of life of animals. Our cases are made of vegan leather, and a portion of your order will be donated to charity afterward. The jewels you value are protected from dust with our soft velvet storage boxes.


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