Jewelry Box for Rings


Store and protect your most beautiful rings in this Ring Jewelry Box.

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This ring jewelry box marks the beginning of a new era for your jewelry!

Store your most beautiful rings in this velvet jewelry box. Simply open it to reveal velvet rolls to neatly store all the rings in your jewelry collection under cover.

This ring box will ensure that your gems retain their shine and stay safe. The soft velvet is very pleasant to the touch and prevents scratches. This case has a glass window that will protect your rings from dust and oxidation. You will be able to contemplate the beauty of your little treasures which will be carefully organized.

Jewelry Box for Rings Dimensions:

  • Height: 4.5 cm
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Width: 15 cm

A box for your rings with amazingly soft velvet

You often leave your designer jewelry in a drawer when they are not on you. Years go by and it’s not uncommon for them to disappear or become worn out.

It has happened to all of us to lose a piece of jewelry that was close to our hearts. A jewel to which we were attached, that someone we love had given us. Sometimes, as a gift, jewels remind us of a time in our past or of someone in particular. We are very fond of these little gems and will do anything to keep their splendor longer. Oxidation and dust affect the brilliance of your rings.

Store them in a jewelry box for rings to prevent external factors from damaging them. With our array of jewelry boxes, storing your little treasures will no longer be a boring task.

During the years of creating boxes to organize your jewelry, we are sure that a small jewelry box to store jewelry must have compartments to get a perfect organization. Soft materials such as velvet are capital to not tarnish the rare metals of your luxury jewelry. With the storage drawers, you will store a model of jewelry per drawer so you know exactly where each jewel is. Large jewelry boxes have changeable trays in an effort to store one kind of jewel per tier.

Handmade rings Box

Velvet is one of the chicest materials to work with. A velvet-lined box requires considerably more experience than an ordinary storage box. Taking its inspiration from a small cabinet, the chest of drawers adds a touch of sophistication to your decor with accessible storage. Whether finished in lacquered wood or adorned with leather, these marvels of art will adorn your living space. These specimens represent the innovative storage possibilities to pay attention to the prosperity of your little jewels. Functional and very aesthetic, our small jewelry boxes will help you in your daily life with their adapted storage space. During your travels, it is important to properly secure your jewels so that they don’t get damaged. With enough space to sort your favorite jewelry, our travel jewelry boxes are made to be taken anywhere in a jewelry bag or suitcase. If you have a lot of jewelry to move, you can use a jewelry case or a Jewelry Box for travel. Our jewelry case is made exclusively for jewelers who need to carry a wide range of jewelry

A wonderful gift idea if you don’t know what to give for a birthday

Our trendy storage boxes will fit both a birthday party and Mother’s Day. Our rectangular-shaped boxes will fit harmoniously in your home with the help of their elegant and simplified design. Store your children’s jewelry safely with a musical jewelry box

Protect your jewelry collection and decorate your room

Use your jewelry to decorate your home with originality. Keep your prodigious jewels exposed and showcased on our jewelry racks that will change your interior and bring you fun to the store. Our jewelry racks are made with love with their sleek look that graces your room and shows off your gems. Jewels showcased on jewelry racks made by artisans


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