Jewelry Box New York


This new york jewelry box is a delight for your eyes. Classy and luxurious, it will simplify the storage of your jewelry.

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This new york jewelry box is timeless storage that makes a man of this iconic city

This classy and luxurious jewelry box designed in wood and vegan leather will simplify the storage of your jewelry sets. With its New York-inspired design, it will stand out and showcase your entire jewelry collection that will be neatly stored. It has three sliding drawers with an ultra-soft velvet interior divided into several compartments. You can easily store your rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants from scratches, dust, and wear.

Its soft velvet storage space has been custom-cut to keep your precious jewelry safe. Your ornaments will no longer be at risk of getting lost or damaged. Having your jewels well organized will save you time every day. You will no longer be worried about losing a piece of jewelry that you care about.

The exterior of this lovely storage box is covered with a double layer of vegan leather, this unique coating has a very pleasant feel to it.

The jewelry box stands out in several colors with hints of beige or midnight blue. This atypical color combination gives it a style that is recognized at first glance. An original box that will embellish your decoration and offer a bright future to your precious treasures.

Much more than a simple jewelry organizer, this pretty Jewelry Box design will allow anyone to take care of their little treasures. More practical than ever, with its mirror or compartments tailored for women’s jewelry, it will help you every day to keep your jewelry in impeccable order.

Its elegance will fit perfectly with your interior decoration, you can place it in your room on a chest of drawers or on your dressing table.

Always within reach, you will have quick access to your jewelry and will always keep an eye on it. When you open it, you will feel great satisfaction to see your entire collection of jewelry neatly arranged. You will enjoy your precious ornaments to the fullest. Whether you want to treat yourself or to give as a gift to a woman or a girl, this new york jewelry box leaves no one indifferent.

Our jewelry storage units named after great cities like the Brussels Jewelry Box are inspired by their architectural style as well as their history. You will have an iconic storage paying tribute to the richness of these cities.

Jewelry Box New York Dimensions:

  • Height: 19 cm
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Width: 19.5 cm


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