Jewelry Box with Mirror


This Jewelry Box with a Mirror will make you fall in love, it’s a great class and its place for all your jewelry collection is sublime!

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Great class, colors to choose from, and room for your entire jewelry collection!

Organization greatly improves your fulfillment and well-being. Having your jewelry collection tidy will save you time every day and prevent you from losing the little treasures you hold dear.

Forget about jewelry lying around in drawers, getting tangled or damaged over time. To simplify your life and preserve your jewelry for a long time, we have imagined practical, decorative, and pleasant jewelry storage systems.

Putting away your jewelry will no longer be an unpleasant and time-consuming task. From now on, you will enjoy carefully sorting the jewelry you like to wear. The storage space that this large Jewelry Box offers can accommodate your entire jewelry collection, whether it consists of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

A unique storage box thought for your jewelry

All valuables that are given sentimental value need to be stored safely. To ensure a bright future for your most precious jewelry, we have equipped our jewelry box with multiple accessories to allow optimal protection for your jewelry while making your life easier.

With a large mirror

The mirror placed under the lid of the box will be of great use to you on a daily basis. Put on your earrings more easily and take a look at your look before going out. This mirror will come in handy on a daily basis whenever you need to put on or take off your jewelry.

Tailored compartments

With custom-cut compartments to store your jewelry, this large jewelry box offers you the ability to separate all your jewelry while avoiding scratches. Its hand-dressed velvet interior will protect the beauty and sparkle of your adornments.

Easily accessible drawers

Additional storage space has been thought of for your larger jewelry. Store your necklaces, hard bracelets, and other fashion accessories, and always keep them within reach thanks to the storage drawers.

Suspend your necklaces and bracelets to stop tangling them

The best way to end tangling jewelry is to hang them up. This way, you avoid them getting into knots if they are put together. The Advanced Jewelry Box has fold-out sections with slots to quickly hang your necklaces, thin bracelets, or pendants. By setting aside storage space for them, you’ll know where they’re stored whenever you need them.

Sort your earrings into pairs

Earrings are some of the most lost jewelry. They are also the most complicated to store because of their size. This large storage box contains small velvet pads where you can store your earrings in pairs. They all have two holes to hold them securely as on your ears. You can easily remove them from the box to attach your earrings.

A space reserved for your rings and hoops

Small treasures that we wear on our fingers, rings are very popular jewelry for women. To keep your beautiful rings looking their best, we’ve equipped our Jewelry Box with velvet slots to carefully slide them in. The rings as well as the bands will be held securely and not come into contact, preventing them from getting damaged over time.

Let’s change your everyday life together

This large leather jewelry box with a mirror is one of Oh Precious’s biggest hits. In fact, it has already helped hundreds of women put away their jewelry and end the clutter. Simple and ultra-practical, its textured leatherette exterior will not fail to add a touch of originality to your decor.

Discreet and elegant, it will fit perfectly in your room on your dresser or your dressing table. Your precious jewels will always remain within reach when you need them. You can count on its versatility to store your jewelry as well as your watches or other types of valuable accessories. The softness of the velvet will ensure that your silver fancy or gold jewelry remains intact indefinitely.

A memorable gift to give your loved ones

This delightful organizer will be a gift idea that is sure to please your loved ones. Its originality and great utility will solve a problem that many women have. Moreover, its durability and style make it a timeless Jewelry Box that will not be forgotten.

Jewelry Box with Mirror Dimensions:

  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 17.5 cm
  • Width: 13.5 cm


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