Jewelry Organizer for Travel


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This jewelry box seduces everyone with its elegance and the luxury that its image conveys. It is ideal for traveling with great class.

A jewelry box that manages to fulfill all the requirements sought by women. This is what defines this Jewelry Box. The box is oval-shaped and is made of vegan leather. You can choose from a wide variety of colors if you want to match them with other accessories.

This box fits perfectly in your hand luggage if you travel by plane.

In case you want to change your clothes before arriving at your destination, it can help you because it is equipped with a mirror. The compartments available in this box allow you to scrupulously organize your jewelry. There will be no more loss or mix-up in your jewelry because they will be stored in the best way.

Jewelry Organizer for Travel Dimensions:

  • Height: 8 cm
  • Length: 17.5 cm
  • Width: 11 cm


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