Large Necklace Display Bust


Immortalize your precious jewels with this large necklace display bust.

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Immortalize your precious ornaments with this large necklace display

A shape is never before seen in the world of jewelry displays to showcase the splendor of your ornaments. Designed for jewelers and jewelers, this jewelry bust will stand out within a beautiful display case. Dressed entirely in velvet, it is available in two different models black and grey velvet. Your jewels will be perfectly highlighted on these large modern and distinguished necklace displays.

The remarkable charm that emanates from this large jewelry stand will arouse admiration for the silver or gold jewelry that is presented.

The sleek design will display your pendants, necklaces, and necklaces as if they were in a jewelry store. The delicate curves and atypical appearance will seduce at first sight. This unique mannequin-shaped storage unit will add a decorative aspect to your designer jewelry. Opt now for jewelry storage that will reveal the true charm of your little treasures.


Necklace Display Large Bust Dimensions:


  • Height: 30.5 cm
  • Length: 16 cm
  • Width: 8 cm


  • Height: 35 cm
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Width: 8.5 cm


  • Height: 40 cm
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Width: 10 cm


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