Lux Jewelry Box


Your luxury jewelry deserves a luxury Jewelry Box for storage and transportation.

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Your most precious jewels deserve a luxury Jewelry Box to match their beauty

It is difficult for a woman to part with her everyday jewels. Since you want to find your jewelry easily, storing it carefully in a jewelry box is a must. To make sure that luxury is everywhere, use this luxury Jewelry Box in every situation. This compact and spacious box has multiple storage options. This uniquely styled box is a great way to store the jewelry you wear often at the same time, allowing you to store different categories of jewelry.

Your rings will have plenty of room in the waves of the flanges, and your earrings and necklaces will hang happily on the hooks of the lid of the box.

Spacious compartments with soft velvet walls await your watch and other jewelry treasures. This trendy box is the perfect way to make your jewels even more precious. Its leather base with textured embellishments gives it a modern vintage look. The textured base contrasts perfectly with a smooth leather lid. The two parts close on themselves with a pretty little bow. This little treasure box fits very easily in your suitcase and is ready to follow you everywhere.



  • Height: 6,3 cm
  • Length: 15,5 cm
  • Width: 11,3 cm


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