Ring Display Holder Sofa


Discover the originality of a ring holder in the shape of a sofa

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Discover the originality of a couch ring holder

Many people and especially women have a great affection for their wedding rings, whether it is to seal a lasting union or just to garnish their fingers, there are all kinds that require special attention to keep their beauty intact. Most women do not have only one ring, but only wear one at a time, while you wear your favorite ring the others must remain in a safe place. To preserve them while they stay with you, opt for an organizer like a ring rack which will prove paramount to always knowing where you have put them. The Oh Precious ring racks are thought to keep your rings intact, in the same condition as in a jewelry store. Like finding the ring you like, choose the ring storage that will showcase your ring collection and make your life easier.


Safe storage for your rings

If you love getting new rings in fancy and are starting to have a lot of them, you may take a lot of time searching for where they are. With attention to detail, this holder keeps your favorite rings safe at your side. Our sofa-shaped ring holder has already helped the majority of people owning it to guarantee the charm that their jewels embody.

Impeccable craftsmanship

Dressed in an interior with a double layer of velvet, these jewelry holders draw their inspiration from the tradition of the House of Oh Precious’s jewelry boxes. Simplicity to organize your ornaments thanks to the velvet slots surrounded by solid wood, which give you atypical storage.
Give your jewelry collection a boost of novelty by making the choice for an organizer worthy of its splendor, handmade with approved materials, it will be the ideal storage to offer.

When utility meets decoration

Our jewelry holders are thoughtful so that all your jewelry array remains in the same place and allows you to find without wasting time the ornament you want to put. During the manufacturing process of our jewelry holders, we pay attention to the choice of materials used. The wood chosen for this ring holder is handcrafted to possess a unique and resistant finish. The ring holders combine the advantages of jewelry boxes and jewelry displays, they make your ornaments appear with a spectacular shine.


Ring Display Holder Dimensions:

  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Width: 10.5 cm


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