Small Leather Jewelry Box


This charming Small Leather Jewelry Box will make you fall in love.

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A charming custom-made leather jewelry box for women’s jewelry

Oh Precious adds this new jewelry box to its vegan leather collection. Made in two tiers, it offers you plenty of room to store your jewelry and small accessories. Each material used in the creation of our jewelry boxes is carefully chosen to meet all your requirements in terms of sturdiness and finish. Adorn your decor and organize your ornaments without wasting time with this perfectly compartmentalized box.

Remarkable organization within everyone’s reach

This storage box made of vegan leather will offer you all the space you need to take care of your little treasures. Thought for jewelry enthusiasts, it has an innovative storage space that allows you to easily sort any jewelry in your collection. You won’t waste time searching for your jewelry in the morning before going out. Moreover, the compartments of this jewelry box are custom-made to prevent your little treasures from getting tangled. You can finally have your favorite jewelry kept within the same Jewelry Box.

To make it easy for you to access your precious jewelry, the box has two tiers. In the top storage area, you will find 6 compartments to store your hard bracelets, cuffs, watches, or dangling earrings. The mirror under the lid will allow you to put your jewelry or look at yourself wherever you are. The bottom part has compartments for your small jewelry such as rings, and hoops as well as storage spaces for small earrings.

This clever storage space is fully dressed in velvet to protect the shine of your little treasures. Away from dust and oxidation, your jewelry collection will be preserved for a long time.

This box stands out at first glance with its combination of vegan leather and colored fabric. Elegant and original, it will seduce you with its unique feminine style. Whether you have a large jewelry collection or just a few pieces of jewelry, this trendy jewelry box will bring you the assurance that your jewelry is safe. Its compact shape will be very convenient when you travel. You will be able to carry your jewelry without the risk of it getting damaged while traveling.

Enjoy storing your jewelry

The happy medium between a large jewelry box is a case. This classy gem storage has already helped many women protect their jewelry collection. Putting away your jewelry will no longer be a boring and time-consuming chore. From now on, you will enjoy putting away your jewelry. Simple, yet refined, it will appeal to both women and girls. We believe that jewelry does not just an ornament and that its little treasures that we place a high emotional value on should be preserved.

Small Leather Jewelry Box Dimensions:

  • Height: 6 cm
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Width: 14 cm


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