Velvet Jewelry Organizer


A velvet jewel organizer for your most precious jewelry. Its soft velvet finish will preserve the shine of your jewelry.

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A velvet storage box to store your most precious jewels.

The magnificence of this jewelry organizer designed in velvet will allow you to preserve your ornaments thanks to its ultra-surprising softness that will maintain all their shine. This box is a unique handcrafted work. It has hooks under the lid to hang your necklaces and pendants. The tray and drawers have several compartments to facilitate the storage of your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Bright colors that will highlight your little treasures carefully stored. This practical storage saves time and makes your daily life more pleasant.

A large storage box made of velvet that allows you to store your jewels with extreme ease

Having precious jewelry in perfect condition is not a thing of easy. Necklaces made of valuable metals get scratched more quickly, and leaving your jewelry out in the open such as in a drawer, is not a good thing. The air causes the oxidation of silver jewelry and brings dust to it. If some of your jewels are forgotten, a Jewelry Box will allow you to realize which pendants you don’t wear often. If you don’t take the time to organize your jewelry collection, your valuable jewelry will lose its quintessence. Jewelry is one of the most fashionable adornments. As your jewelry collection grows, it is imperative to have a place designed primarily to keep your costume jewelry well organized. Like a standing jewelry cabinet, the handcrafted wooden box is an incomparable place to take care of your precious jewelry. Its identical imitation to the real thing without removing its sturdiness will add grandeur to your decoration with its attractive style.

Craft is an essential thing in the culture of Oh Precious. Our handcrafted organizers attest to the skill of the artisans in preparing the leather. When experience and exoticism meet to produce the jewelry boxes that will change the way you organize your jewelry collection.

With plenty of compartments that make your jewelry box an ultra-practical organizer

Our knowledge in creating luxury jewelry organizers has shown us how crucial it is to have distinct compartments in your jewelry box.

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and bracelets; with the hooks, you can hang your costume jewelry the same way you would a jewelry holder. When designing our organizers, we give great attention to every detail. Enliven by the house’s know-how with avant-garde codes; these small cabinets have drawers that facilitate access to your jewels.

A box that appeals to all women and also to the youngest girls

Our jewelry boxes will be perfect for people who need to store their metal jewelry. Men, women, or children, at the Oh Precious house, you will find your happiness. Giving a flower jewelry box is not a simple gift that quickly bores people.

Young girls love, above all else, the Girl’s Jewelry Box that serves to preserve all their childhood jewelry. If you want to make your mom happy, you can give her a gift jewelry box for Mother’s Day. Highlight your most treasured women’s jewelry by arranging it on a stylish jewelry holder.

The timeless style of our jewelry racks made of wood and velvet will be worthy of the magnificence of your gems. You can choose your bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even earrings in a flash. Jewelry is a wonder that does not deserve to be abandoned in a closet drawer.

Take your jewels anywhere you go.

During your travels, preserving your little treasures well is essential, so they don’t get scratched. Don’t be afraid of losing a precious piece of jewelry while traveling anymore; using our travel jewelry boxes will make sure that your silver jewels will be organized and preserved during your travels. Everyone likes to take their lovely jewels with them on trips; if you have precious jewelry, a jewelry case may be necessary for the transportation. Our jewelry case is made exclusively for

Velvet Jewelry Organizer dimensions :

  • Height: 10 cm
  • Length: 27 cm
  • Width: 19 cm


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