White & Pink Leather Jewelry Box


The wonderful white leather jewelry box with a padded lid.

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An elegant and timeless white jewelry box

Jewelry storage is often overlooked. Whether it’s out of habit or lack of time, we don’t always think to use a jewelry box or other organizer like a jewelry holder.

Without proper storage, jewelry can get damaged and even lost. To keep your jewelry looking beautiful for a long time, it’s important to store it in a jewelry-only box.

Jewelry lovers love to add new pieces to their collections, but over time many of them run out of space. If jewelry is stored together, rings can get scratched and your necklaces and pendants can get tangled up very quickly

To put an end to clutter and the fear of damaging your little treasures, we’ve come up with some innovative and very feminine storage. With the help of this leather jewelry box in white, you’ll be able to easily sort your gems and quickly access them when you need them.

A velvety storage space that can accommodate all your jewelry

This charming box will seduce you with its finesse and elegance. Handcrafted from vegan leather, you’ll have compartments to store every piece of jewelry in your collection, no matter how many there are.

In order to improve access to your little treasures, the box has a removable tray that reveals large compartments for your bracelets, necklaces, or watches.

This very practical tray has been thought to put your small jewels like rings, and earrings in dedicated compartments. They will be perfectly separated which will avoid any risk of scratches.

Your necklaces, necklaces, and pendants will no longer be tangled thanks to the hooks under the lid of the box. You will be able to hang your jewels easily and not waste time untangling them.

With its all-velvet interior, this charming white jewelry storage box will offer a safe place to protect your jewelry. Whether your jewelry is silver, made of costume, or gold, it will be perfectly preserved from oxidation and dust.

Let yourself be seduced by its charm

Modern and lovely, this pretty jewelry box will suit all jewelry lovers looking for the perfect storage to preserve their little treasures. The lid of the Jewelry Box is trimmed with quilted leather in a pyramid shape. This recognizable touch gives it a very unique appearance. Placed on your dressing table or order, this white jewelry box is sure to decorate your room at the same time.

Take care of your jewelry without wasting time

Change your daily routine now with this organizer. Make sure to keep your jewelry collection intact for years to come. With its large storage space and custom-made compartments, you’ll take care of your jewelry while making your life easier. Treat yourself or your loved ones to an original gift of jewelry. Both useful and memorable, this gift idea will serve your wife or daughter every day. In addition, you benefit from free delivery in France. Nothing better than to immortalize a birthday or other special event!


  • Height: 8.5 cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Width: 25 cm


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