Travel Jewelry Case

Every year thousands of rings and earrings are lost during vacations. Get a travel jewelry suitcase and come home with your entire jewelry collection.

The essentials for jewelry lovers and frequent travelers


Why choose jewelry cases?

You have decided to travel and take your jewelry with you? How about buying a storage case so you can always have them close by?

Let’s find out more in this article!

If you have a large collection of jewelry, we are sure that the jewelry case or briefcase could perfectly fulfill your expectations. Indeed, when you are going to transport your jewels, they will not be damaged, broken, or lost. Rather practical, don’t you think?

As you can probably imagine, there are different types of jewelry cases. To help you find your way around, we will give you all the necessary explanations.

The jewelry case for professionals

This jewelry case has plenty of storage space. Indeed, you will be able to find drawers and compartments perfect for your entire jewelry collection. With its large storage capacity, this type of product should certainly convince you.

The presentation Suitecase

The jewelry display case also has its advantages. Indeed, you can easily find compartments to store all your jewelry. Of course, it is still complicated to put in a bag or a suitcase, but it is a product that can be suitable for large collections.

The jewelry storage Carrying case

The jewelry storage case is smaller, but still easily transportable. It also has plenty of storage and compartments so you can organize your jewelry as you see fit.

You don’t know if you want to opt for a storage case or simply a jewelry box. Everything will depend on your jewelry collection. Indeed, if your collection is large, you will certainly need more space than a simple jewelry box, for example. Thus, the case will be able to offer you all the drawers you need to transport your jewelry. Note also that if you are a professional, it is the best way to transport your jewelry safely, for example.

As you can probably know, it is perfectly possible to find many compartments in a jewelry case. This way, you can easily store all your precious ornaments, for example.


The first type of jewelry that you can easily carry is none other than rings. They are not the most complicated jewelry to store, on the contrary.

The earrings

The earrings can easily be stored in your jewelry case as well. Indeed, you just have to find the ideal place for them and it’s done!

Necklaces and pendants

If you have necklaces and pendants, you can easily find a place for them in the many compartments you have with your jewelry case. Of course, you’ll have to figure out how to arrange them within the case.

The bracelets

The bracelets will also find their place in your jewelry case. All you have to do is find the ideal drawer to store them at your convenience.

You don’t know how to choose your jewelry case? You will find the different criteria to take into account in this section.

Its storage capacity

Obviously, in order to choose a jewelry case, you will certainly have to take into account its storage capacity. Thus, the bigger it is, the more jewelry you will be able to store inside it.

Its accessories

The jewelry case you choose can have different accessories. It can be storage trays or a code opening, for example. They are important to consider for the protection and storage of your ornaments.

His style

The last criterion to consider is simply the design. Whether it is the color, the closure or even the material, these must be elements that you like.

We hope this article has helped you make your choice in terms of jewelry cases. Take into account the different criteria to make your choice and opt for a model that you might like!

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