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Find in this collection of beautiful and rustic jewelry boxes. Timeless masterpieces for authentic storage, loaded with history for your precious ornaments.

Vintage is timeless and still has a strong following.


Vintage jewelry boxes collection

Vintage is timeless and still has a strong following. If you too love this style of yesteryear, vintage jewelry boxes will certainly please you. Through this article, discover the known collector’s items, typical models of the 70s, and the price of some little wonders.

Let’s focus and go!

The most famous jewelry boxes are undoubtedly those that received the prestigious jewelry collections of kings and queens. While the brooches in Queen Elizabeth II’s overflowing jewelry box are the most wearable pieces, they are not the least valuable. From “Granny’s Chips” to shimmering diamonds, a look at the Queen’s famous brooch collection.

Among these storage objects, we can mention the jewelry chest of Marie-Antoinette exhibited at the Palace of Versailles in France. This small piece of furniture mounted on a stand and hiding a writing tablet is among the many wedding gifts of the queen.

Cousin of Napoleon III and a great lover of fine jewelry, Princess Mathilde also owned a remarkable chest bearing the signature of the cabinetmaker Diehl Charles-Guillaume. This masterpiece is decorated with four eagles – emblems of the Bonaparte family – and three medallions with portraits. Some jewelry boxes were specially made to mark a major event such as the 1904 World’s Fair held in Paris.

These storage boxes are usually made of beveled glass. Their lids are adorned with a small painting of an iconic location.

The 70s are characterized by an amazing mix of styles: hippie, disco, ethnic, punk, etc.. Platform shoes, bell-bottom pants, midi, and maxi skirts with floral or striped prints were in fashion. Furry or big beaded jewelry is also becoming trendy.

This eclectic style is not necessarily found on jewelry boxes. Many vintage models made in the ’70s have a sober design inspired by the trendy furniture of the time. It is common to find very practical jewelry boxes reminiscent of a wardrobe from that decade that hides a musical mechanism.

They have many drawers and hooks to hang necklaces. With usually only one compartment, jewelry boxes decorated with shells are also characteristic of the 70s.

The price of vintage jewelry boxes can range from a dozen dollars to several hundred dollars, even thousands of dollars.

It is possible to find vintage jewelry boxes at flea markets and auctions at a higher or lower price. Online stores also offer recently made models but in a vintage style.

The price of these jewelry boxes in wood, leather, or metal is also very variable and depends on the material used, but also on the size. Thus, we can find small boxes of about twenty euros and vintage wooden jewelry boxes of large models that are worth 10 times more expensive.

Owning a vintage jewelry box, whether it belonged to famous people or has a particular design, is tempting, but for some models, you will have to pay the price. If you are interested in these vintage-style storage boxes to store your jewelry and you don’t necessarily have time to hunt, make your choice on our online store. In a few clicks, find THE perfect model.

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