Wall Jewelry Holder

A real jewelry holder for your entire collection of necklaces, and other chains, the wall jewelry holder combines design and practicality to decorate your home with elegance.

Change from the traditional paintings hung on the wall


Why buy a Wall Jewelry holder?

Do you want a change from the traditional paintings on the wall? Opt for a wall jewelry holder to showcase your collection of necklaces and earrings.

As its name suggests, the wall-mounted jewelry holder is jewelry support that can be attached directly to your wall. You can store absolutely all types of jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. It is the perfect alternative if you lack space on your furniture!

Want to treat yourself or find an original gift idea for a special woman, this guide explains everything about the importance of these jewelry holders and some tips.

Distinguished by its originality, the wall-mounted jewelry holder is an organizer that is noticed at first glance. Its atypical style does not fail to embellish your wall decoration. It allows you to store a large amount of jewelry while remaining visible and within easy reach on the walls of your favorite rooms.

Keep your finest jewelry in impeccable order with this modern and decorative wall jewelry holder. Never has stored your jewelry been more decorative than with this wall-mounted jewelry holder.

This jewelry holder is probably the most versatile, that’s why the models available on the market are numerous and varied.

Wrought iron or metal wall jewelry holder

The metal wall jewelry holder can replace a picture in your room because there are all shapes from the most classic to the most original. For example, in gold metal in the shape of a cloud or even in the shape of a cat!

Generally, these models have a large grid with lots of small cells. The latter allows you to store your earrings, whether they are dangling, hooped, or studded. But you can also hang your small bracelets. You will also find fixed or removable steel hooks to hang your long necklaces.

The wrought iron wall jewelry holders can also be original, with hearts for example. This type of jewelry storage can be fixed on the wall of your entrance for example. This will allow you to store your jewelry directly when you get home and why not put your keys on it?

If you like more natural materials, wood should please you.

Wooden wall jewelry holder

At Oh Precious, we have wooden wall jewelry holders and they are the most versatile of all our models in relation to their size. They have a grid to store your earrings but also hooks for your necklaces, ring holders in the form of boudin for your rings, wedding rings, signet rings, and even drawers.

If you like wood and you don’t need such a big model, you will also find simpler models in sandalwood for example.

And conversely, if you have a very large collection of jewelry and jewelry boxes are too small, you can use cabinets.

Wall-mounted jewelry armoire

The wall-mounted jewelry cabinet is the largest jewelry holder on the market. It is usually made of wood and has all types of storage. You can store your rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Unlike a classic wall-mounted jewelry holder, the cabinet will prevent your jewelry from being exposed to the air. Thus, they will be protected from dust and UV rays, both of which are harmful to your jewelry pieces (corrosion, tarnished jewelry, scratches…).

Not to mention that you can store your cosmetics and perfumes in it. So why not install it directly in your bathroom since some models even have a small mirror?

You can also find a large mirror to be fixed to the wall, this is called a wall-mounted jewelry mirror. This type of storage is functional and can be fixed directly in your dressing room, which will allow you to have everything at hand when you get ready!

If we had to summarize, the wall jewelry holder is the most functional jewelry holder especially if you have no more space on your dressing table or in a jewelry box and you have a very large collection of jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, long necklaces, gold and silver chains, etc… At Oh Precious, no matter what your budget is, you are bound to find the right model, especially for your necklaces thanks to our necklace holder collection for your long chains and necklaces!

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