Bust Necklace

Discover our necklace display selection for your Beaded and chain Bracelets to enhance all your jewelry! Our bust displays will be a charming asset to both home and store!

Showcase your most elegant necklaces with these jewelry busts!


Showcase your beautiful Necklaces

If you have a store and need to display your necklaces to your customers, or if you simply want to showcase your personal necklaces collection at home, you will find wide beautiful busts for necklaces here.

They come in every type, shape, and color imaginable. Browse our catalog and choose your favorite necklace bust!

Whether it is short like a choker, or longer like a long necklace, whether it is seen from the front, from above, or from the side, and whether it is made of gold or silver, it does not matter… A necklace should always be displayed in the best possible way in a sales outlet to attract attention and reveal its splendor!

Oh Precious offers here several models of necklace display stands (also called necklace busts) to enhance each piece of your collection:

  • Solid wood busts, sober but elegant, whose sole purpose is to highlight the beauty of the jewel they display.
  • Various heights up to 60cm to dramatize the point of sale by dynamically occupying the field of vision of the visitor.
  • Effective solutions for recurrent difficulties, such as displaying necklaces below eye level.
  • Space-saving ideas such as our notched-edge busts that allow you to display several necklaces or pendants in a small space while emphasizing the depth of the range.
  • Available in classic colors (ebony black, natural wood, chocolate), or more original (red, white or black ceruse…). At home, in the window, or at the point of sale, our original necklace holders will inevitably catch the eye where you want them to!

Make your store unique and increase your sales with our handmade jewelry busts! In addition to our necklace holders.

To select them, the idea is not to take into account only the aesthetic aspect. The height, the material, and the functionality are equally important.

Whatever your personality, we are sure that these exceptional busts will seduce you. The hardest part will be choosing, as always when it comes to jewelry!

These displays are also very good gift ideas, original and useful, so there is little chance that you will make a mistake if you offer them to a jewelry addict.

After your necklaces, you may need to store your rings, bracelets, and earrings. Visit our collection of jewelry displays and showcase all your collections now!