Wood Slice Ring Holder


The original and chic ring holder with an avant-garde design reflects Oh Precious’s excellence in storage design.

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The original and chic ring holder

An avant-garde design that translates from Oh Precious’s excellence in implementing the Jewelry Box replacement for storing rings and bands. Marvel at the beauty of your precious rings with a jewelry holder like no other that will keep the tradition of home storage alive.

Buying new jewelry is a pleasure to give a particular style to our look. However, developing your jewelry collection without thinking about how to keep them in order can cause your remarkable gems to lose their luster from touching other metal jewelry. A modern finish with creative genius is what this elegant ring holder is based on. It gives you a visual of all your rings to select the perfect one with your day outfit faster. If you are one of those people who sometimes lose their jewelry, choose the right storage like a ring holder to help you in your daily life. Definitely stop looking for a ring by placing it on this ultra-chic rack.

Precious rings presented in a showcase

The ring is precious jewelry that follows us in all phases of our life, to make sure it stays the same when it is not on your hand put it on your ring stand or in a ring case. Even the most expensive rings can get damaged if you forget all the time to order them away from other jewelry. Oh Precious’s provides you with an array of storage for rings of an aesthetic nature, you are bound to locate a ring holder that you will like.

Your ring collection is always apparent

Our main objective is for everyone to keep their jewelry safe while they are away, big or small, their creative look will flatter you. We take care to select sturdy items that will last for a long time to make our displays. This guarantees that your precious items will stand out on a display that owes its excellence to the love put into their composition. Do like many women who have decided to use jewelry stands as a solution to keep their precious ring collection perfectly organized.

Coming directly from professional jewelers, this display stand for fancy silver or gold rings will make sure that they always remain tidy and in good condition. Our handmade racks are part of Oh Precious’s heritage, their simple look provides a beautiful view of your precious ornaments from your jewelry collection. Our high-quality necklace racks are very soft to the touch thanks to the velvet we use, these materials are selected to ensure a long life for your rings as well as your rings.

elegant ring holder Dimensions:

  • Height: 7.5 cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Width: 13 cm


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