should you take your jewelry off to sleep

Can you sleep with jewelry on

Like many women, you may wonder whether you should remove your jewelry before sleeping. Whether it’s to sleep more comfortably or to protect your jewelry, opinions differ. In this short article, we have decided to gather the best advice from jewelry enthusiasts and professionals.

You’ll know everything you need to know to have a good night’s sleep without risking damage to your little treasures.

Why Should You Take Off Your Jewelry Before Sleeping?

take off your jewelry to sleep

It’s never a good idea to sleep with your jewelry on for various reasons. Sleeping with your jewelry is like sleeping with your stiletto. Some people are used to going to bed with all their jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Others are content to keep their wedding rings because of what they represent or because they are more difficult to remove. Yet this habit of keeping jewelry on while sleeping has drawbacks that most women overlook. It can be dangerous for both the jewelry and the wearer.

Therefore, removing them before sleeping, including the wedding ring, is preferable. Let’s examine why you should take off your jewelry while sleeping.

Maintenance Question

maintenance of jewelry

Knowing how to take care of your jewelry is essential to keep it in perfect condition and prolong its life. Especially since some jewels are more fragile than others, the most delicate, for example, can be deformed and even break during sleep, especially if you are a little agitated at night.

If it’s a necklace with a pendant, it could get stuck in your blanket, and by pulling it, it could break. In addition, bringing your jewelry to bed means subjecting it to various aggressions that could tarnish and soil it.

Then, by dint of cleaning them, they get damaged more quickly. This is especially true if your earrings, rings, pendants, or bracelets contain delicate or precious stones. If you want your jewelry to keep its shine, it is advisable to remove it and store it in a jewelry box before going to bed.

For a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep with your jewelry

Wearing your jewelry while you sleep can not only degrade it but can also alter the quality of your sleep. Your comfort is wholly compromised if you go to bed with jewelry on your neck, fingers, ears, or wrists.

They will probably get in the way and prevent you from sleeping well. Earrings and studs can prevent you from adequately resting your head on the pillow. And as for the charms of your bracelet, they can get caught in your sheets.

As for your necklace, it can get tangled in your loose hair. So, to preserve your nights and stay in top shape, take off your jewelry before you go to bed and put it on your bedside table or store it in your jewelry box.

For Safety Reasons

sleep without jewelry

It has been proven that wearing jewelry while sleeping can be dangerous. Necklaces, for example, are the most difficult, as they could hurt you.

The risk of strangulation is the most frequent. In these cases, you should avoid sleeping with a necklace if possible. The same applies to children; in less severe cases, wearing these accessories in bed can irritate them.

For example, if your necklace is made of silver, it could irritate the skin on your neck. Similarly, intense pressure from jewelry against your skin can be painful, as in the case of the back post of your smart earplugs. So free yourself from the inconvenience jewelry can cause you during your nights by removing it.

When should I remove my jewelry?

store ring for sleeping

When you’re a jewelry fanatic, you tend to keep them on all the time. However, there are times when it is necessary to remove them.

During Your Sports Sessions

Take off jewelry for fitness

Whether for gym sessions, swimming, jogging in the park, or any other physical exercise, it’s always best to remove your jewelry. If you wear a wedding ring, for example, it is advisable to remove it, as fingers tend to swell during physical exertion, and you may hurt yourself.

For other jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, one tiny wrong move, and you can say goodbye to your favorite piece of jewelry. Removing your jewelry during workouts prevents it from coming into contact with your sweat and risking rusting or discoloring.

Removing Your Ring While Getting a Manicure or Putting On Cream

remove his jewelry manicure

Remember to remove your engagement ring from your fingers when you put cream on your hands. This could save your ring from discoloration. Also, it is best to leave your ring at home if you want to go to a beauty salon for a manicure. Then put it back on once your nails and hands are perfect.

When You Go Travelling

take your jewelry on the go

Taking your valuable jewelry with you is always inadvisable to avoid it being stolen or lost. Yes, it happens very often for people on the move.

And the chances for you to find them are almost zero. If you want to take your favorite jewelry with you on your next trip, we advise choosing good jewelry storage to keep them on you safely.

Travel jewelry boxes are designed to protect your jewelry from shocks so that it arrives at its destination in excellent condition. In a previous article, we give you our best tips for storing your jewelry while traveling.

When You Do The Cleaning

remove jewelry household

Who would think of covering themselves in jewelry before cleaning? It’s all a matter of logic, but if you find yourself with a necklace around your neck, a ring on your finger, or a bracelet on your wrists, you should consider removing it.

Like sports and fitness, cleaning is also a risk to your jewelry, and if you are going to sweep, wipe the floor or wash the dishes, be aware that bleach can damage your jewelry. Removing your jewelry while doing household chores will protect it from any form of damage, either from pressure or the products used.

Before You Wash Your Hands Or When You’re In The Shower

Removing your jewelry under the shower

Yes, water is not dangerous to your jewelry, with a few exceptions. In reality, it depends on the object in question.

Some materials rust easily in contact with water. Unless you have a particular preference for stainless steel jewelry, if you keep your ring on while washing your hands or in the shower, it could tarnish over time.

Similarly, your chains or bracelets could discolor and oxidize from being in contact with water. Therefore, it is strongly advised to remove your jewelry in this situation.

If your gems get wet, remember to dry them gently with a soft cloth. You can always clean your oxidized jewelry, but getting it back to its original shine is challenging.

For Sleeping

can you sleep with your jewelry

And, of course, before you go to bed, remember to take off your jewelry. Not only will you be more comfortable while you sleep, but you’ll avoid breaking or tarnishing your jewelry. The same goes for your engagement ring if you don’t want anything to happen to your wedding band.

You may not be used to it, but you must take the time to put it on a jewelry holder or in a jewelry box. This way, you will avoid damaging, losing, or discoloring them.

And as mentioned above, going to bed with jewelry can be dangerous. To have a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by your jewelry, it is essential to remove it properly.

The Importance Of Storing Jewelry Well

store your jewelry before sleeping

Avoid putting them anywhere when you take off your ring, gold chain, pearls, or bracelets. Also, why not store them carefully instead of leaving them on your bedside table?

The best way is to have a jewelry box or other container. This will allow you always to find them in the right place and not misplace them. For necklaces, it is advisable to separate them from each other to prevent them from getting tangled up.

jewelry boxes collection

Moreover, by placing them in a safe place, you will protect your treasures from light, dust, and shocks. This will allow them to keep their shine and condition.

From fashion jewelry to silver jewelry to gold jewelry, avoid spreading them around the room without protection.

In addition to jewelry boxes, there are many solutions for storing your necklaces, rings, earrings, and other items.

You will find original and varied arrangements in our shop to keep your precious collection of jewels in a safe place. You will be able to save time every day and keep the beauty of your jewelry intact for years.

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