how to organize jewelry in a drawer

How to organize jewelry in a drawer

You know the need to keep your jewelry collection away from air, moisture, and dust, which is why you have stored them in a drawer. However, you are disappointed to have to untangle your necklaces and necklaces every time. Some are even broken, and others are scratched and oxidized.

Don’t worry; we have different solutions for these problems. You will know how to store your treasure in a drawer while giving them the necessary protection they need.

Enough wasted time; let’s start now!

Why Store Jewelry in a Drawer?

Understandably, you want to store your precious earrings, silver rings, and gold necklaces in your dressing table drawer or closet. Doing so makes you believe that your belongings will be safe from external aggressions that deteriorate the metal. Storing them in a specific place like the drawer also prevents them from getting lost. Because the drawers are closed, gold rings and watches are protected from dust that causes them to lose their luster.

Apart from keeping jewelry safe, storing it in a drawer has some disadvantages. Indeed, the necklaces are together in the same compartment. Even if arranged individually, they can quickly get tangled up at the slightest movement of the drawer or when looking for the jewel you want to wear. It isn’t easy to prevent the treasures from touching each other and getting scratched. There is also a risk of oxidation.

5 Tips To Easily Store Your Jewelry In Drawers

Choosing a drawer to store your jewelry is an excellent idea to preserve its shine and protect it from external humidity. Unfortunately, this is not enough to protect them completely. Moreover, you will still have enough trouble finding the pieces you want to put on.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to use your drawers as a sizeable compartmentalized jewelry storage box, so you don’t misplace your ear chips. Thanks to these tips, you can ensure that your rings and chains keep their shine and original condition.

1. Find organizers for your drawers

The principle is to transform your drawer into actual jewelry storage. To do this, you need different compartments because it is necessary to separate the pieces according to their category, size, and material. This trick avoids mixing precious objects that risk tarnishing and breaking.

It is also essential to hang certain fragile jewels, such as necklaces and anklets, or those likely to get tangled up individually. You should also know that storing your jewelry separately makes it easier to use and avoids losing small pieces.

Our solution is to get organizers like storage trays of different sizes that you will arrange in your drawer. Opt for those that have dividers.

At Oh Precious, our storage trays feature compartments with jewelry storage spaces for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, a way to organize jewelry properly.

2. Keep Your Rings Separate

Rings, especially those set with stones, are more fragile. The stones can come off if they get caught on other rings. In addition, they can scratch the metal that comes into contact with them.

It is, therefore, essential to keep them separate from other jewelry. To do this, you have dedicated trays to integrate into the large drawer to store the rings individually. These displays have velvet slots that hold the signet rings in place. Trays with small boxes will also do the trick.

3. Don’t Lose Your Little Earrings

Tiny jewels are the most difficult to store because they tend to get lost. No more solitary earrings, thanks to the organizers dedicated to this type of jewelry which allow you to put them in pairs next to each other. With this type of display, you can put pieces of different materials side by side without the risk of them oxidizing.

4. Necklaces And Pendants That Don’t Get Tangled

The big concern with chokers and chains is that they get tangled up very quickly when stored in the same compartment. So don’t forget to reserve individual places for your chokers and necklaces.

Untangling a collar is far from easy, so you should try to avoid this inconvenience. To prevent knots from forming on each piece, take it by length and place it gently on the velvet lining. The consistency of the velvet helps to hold the metal in place.

5. Bracelets And Spaced Rings

Bracelets and wooden watches take up a lot of space. It is preferable to choose trays without dividers for them. Chains can be stored in medium or small compartments depending on their length.

Our best ideas for arranging your jewelry in your drawers

Now that you know how to use the trays inside your drawer to store your jewelry properly, it’s time to find out how to arrange them inside the compartments in the drawers.

A Drawer With Jewelry And Makeup

Dedicating an entire drawer to your jewelry gives it all the space it needs. You can also save compartments for your make-up palettes and lipsticks. These can be placed together in one container without separation.

The multi-slot trays are interesting if you have a lot of little jewels because they don’t require much space. All you have to do is place them separately in each compartment. Note that it is also possible to vary the presentation of your small accessories by using a special tray for rings and earrings.

This type of tray has velvet pads that allow you to store rings and ear chips side by side without them touching. The slots are tight enough to keep the jewelry in place so that it doesn’t get lost or touch each other.

With this type of jewelry storage, you can safely store rings of different materials on the same rack. Choose trays with medium-sized compartments for watches, sleepers, pendants, clips, and hoop earrings that are a little larger.

An original idea to arrange bracelets and necklaces

Do you want to store your bracelets and necklaces authentically? First, take the measurements of your drawer and choose two identical large display units whose dimensions are slightly smaller than those of the drawer. This will ensure that they fit inside.

For the design, choose two models, with the first part with velvet-covered socks and another part with curved slots.

On the first tray, use the slots and line up your rings one by one. Take care to group the silver jewelry on one side and the gold jewelry on the other, from the most massive to the finest. The first part of the second rack will be reserved for the larger jewelry. Then line up the silver rings with the gold bracelets on the other side. For the remaining space, place your more oversized earrings and rings.

Then, on the curved slots, you will place your necklaces, pendants, and chain bracelets along their length. You can also put your hair clips and other head jewelry there.

An Example Of A Large Chest Of Drawers Dedicated To Jewelry

We know how important your jewelry collection is in your daily life. Why not dedicate a whole chest of drawers to them so you can see them all?

The principle is the same: use trays with compartments to arrange your ornaments and beads in the drawers. There are no strict rules to follow; the main thing is to ensure a certain coherence.

The most important thing is to provide a place for each piece, so it’s on display and easy to reach. Why not put large pieces like bracelets, pearls, and watches in the bottom drawer?

You can group jewelry of the same type and material in one compartment—for example; silver rings in one tray and costume bracelets in another. On the top floor, arrange trays for smaller jewelry pieces such as chains, rings, earrings, creoles, etc.

Finally, the top of the dresser can be used as storage for your perfumes and bags. If you add a large mirror, you can create a natural beauty space.

Our latest tips for preserving your jewelry for a long time

So, you have the choice between different arrangements for the drawers of your chest of drawers to optimize the storage of your tiny jewels and voluminous ornaments, your make-up, and perfumes. Let’s see how you can keep them looking their best for as long as possible in your drawers.

Don’t Forget To Close The Drawers

Your jewelry is part of your daily life. You can’t do without it when you go out, when you go to parties, and when you go to ceremonies. It is, therefore, quite normal that wear and tear appear on jewelry over time.

It is, therefore, necessary to redouble attention to keep them longer because it is with simple gestures that we can succeed in maintaining their condition. Dust is the enemy of your precious pieces. It tends to blacken your necklaces, whether gold or silver. Jewelry tarnishes faster when it is exposed to dust. Also, do not forget to close the drawers immediately after taking or storing the jewelry.

If your ring has lost its shine, you must clean it to prevent dirt from accumulating. You should avoid using abrasive products that will strip the metal. It is possible to restore their shine by soaking them for a few minutes in warm water and liquid soap. Then use a soft cloth to remove any stubborn dust.

Avoid Moisture In Your Jewelry

Some materials, such as silver, are susceptible to humidity. Silver oxidizes naturally, but this phenomenon can accelerate if silver jewelry is placed in a humid environment.

Also, avoid storing jewelry that is still wet in drawers. If you have just worn them, a quick wipe with a cloth to dry the sweat on the metal would be ideal before placing it on its storage tray. You should also avoid putting wet objects in the jewelry compartments.

It is not advisable to put the jewelry in the open air either. There are also bags on the market with some granules that have the function of absorbing moisture. Do not hesitate to protect your belongings before putting them in the drawers.


This information has helped you store your most prized possessions and keep their beauty and sparkle. As a “pro” in arranging your dresser as an original large jewelry earring necklace box, you will no longer risk wasting time searching for the piece you want to wear while bringing efficient function to your dresser.

To help you with your design project, we offer you suitable trays to fit your drawers, and we also present you with different types of compartments designed to hold your jewelry.

Discover our different types of trays with the finish and dimensions that match your drawers without delay.

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