How to Store Jewelry in a Small Drawer

Losing an earring is annoying. You are misplacing precious jewelry that was given as a gift hurts. There is a solution to this kind of problem. All you need is proper storage for the jewelry in question. Then no more loss, no more problems, and no more searching everywhere to find your favorite accessories and jewelry.

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The Advantage Of Storing Jewelry In A Drawer

Having storage for your jewelry is essential. Not only does it make it easy to find your jewels, but more importantly, it keeps them from getting lost. A jewelry storage cabinet is considered the trend right now. And the drawer is the ideal storage for jewelry, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and so on.

store your jewelry in a small drawer

The most significant advantage of the drawer is that it offers vast storage space for jewelry. And as a bonus, it was not expensive. Remember that jewelry is made of metals that are easy to scratch for some.

Since you have to store them in a drawer, it’s best to avoid them from clashing with each other. To do this, there is nothing better than to classify them. This allows the jewels not to touch each other. But also to display them well for our eye’s pleasure.

In Which Drawer Should I Put My Jewelry?

Storing jewelry is a priority, not only to avoid losing it but also to protect it from dust and oxidation. No need to worry, the best possible storage is the small drawer. And there are many kinds of drawers, whether it’s the dresser drawer, the nightstand drawer, or the dressing table drawer.

Chest of drawers for jewelry

Chest of drawers

The dresser is a classic piece of storage furniture. It is one of the bedroom’s most famous pieces of storage furniture. The reason behind this popularity is that it is the kind of furniture that you can easily integrate.

As a bonus for the coquettish, the drawer’s chest allows you to store a maximum of items in its large drawers. It is considered perfect for storing your jewelry. You have to reserve one drawer of the chest for your jewelry.

This type of drawer offers a lot of space, both in length and width. It is possible to categorize the drawer to avoid mixing the various jewels.

You can even use hangers for earrings as well as necklaces and pendants. The space allows you not to mix jewelry. In addition, it is possible to dedicate several drawers to your jewelry or assign a type of jewelry per drawer.

Drawer of his bedside table

The nightstand, as the ladies know well, is a beautiful and discreet piece of furniture often placed next to the bed in the bedroom. This type of furniture is ideal for storing small items at head height.

The nightstand drawer is also an excellent place to store jewelry. This furniture is always so popular in the bedroom, and what better place to keep your shiny little treasures safe?

Dressing Table Drawer

The dressing table is the dream of every woman in the world. After all, who doesn’t want a piece of furniture that is as practical as beautiful and that can hold all your beauty products and jewelry?

A dressing table in the form of a desk with many drawers is ideal for storing bracelets, necklaces, and costume jewelry. In addition, the dressing table has several drawers that can store jewelry by genre.

How to Store Jewelry in a Small Drawer?

When it comes to storing your jewelry, is the small drawer enough? To answer this question, you have to try it out by having an organization tray inside while separating your little treasures, so they don’t get tangled up, and especially by taking care to put forward the jewelry you appreciate and wear the most.

Have an organization tray

How can the small drawer of a chest of drawers, dressing table, or nightstand hold all your precious jewelry? Simply with the help of an organization tray. This kind of accessory allows you to store jewelry without it getting scratched or subject to dust or oxidation.

creative Ideas to store jewelry in a drawer oh precious

Separate Your Jewels So You Don’t Mix Them Up

Intermingled jewelry can be a real headache for these ladies. The solution to your problems is to separate the jewelry in the drawer. There are several types of storage. Choosing a storage system requires a little thought, especially considering the jewelry you own.

Highlight the jewelry you wear the most

Your jewelry will shine when stored neatly in a drawer and on a soft velvet base. Considering the size of your jewelry makes it easier to choose the right drawers for you. You should consider the question of aesthetics because your jewelry is sometimes gifts from loved ones or made for yourself, so showcasing it remains a treat for the eyes. Put within reach, especially the jewels that you are used to wearing.


It would help if you had a place to store your jewelry. No need to waste time; you can choose between the drawer of a chest of drawers, the one of a night table, or even the one of a dressing table. You can indulge yourself while protecting your jewelry to the maximum.

These storage units don’t occupy space and serve the overall bedroom aesthetic. For those who aren’t really into packing and want to take your jewelry everywhere with you, why not look at the collection of travel jewelry boxes that we offer at Oh Precious? Go for it; these are just waiting for you.

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